Chapter 11 - "I love you"

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~Molly's POV~

I wake up to an annoying alarm. GREAT. I drag my self out of bed and get dressed for the day, I decide to wear a sweater , with some leggings and lace up boots.

 I drag my self out of bed and get dressed for the day, I decide to wear a sweater , with some leggings and lace up boots

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I head over to Liam's apartment. I don't know if he's awake yet, but I still go. I knock on the door just to see it be opened by a very sleepy Liam with no shirt on. He immediately pulls me in to a hug, and drags me inside.

"Hi." I say smiling, happy to know that he wants to spend time with me. He just mumbles something in response, too tired to actually form words.

"Aww your so tired." I say sitting on the couch next to him. Soon he just lies back down on the couch without saying anything. I lie with him with my head resting on his bare chest. He kisses my forehead and then falls asleep. I slowly get up trying not to wake him, and head to the kitchen. I make us some scramble eggs and toast to have for breakfast.

"Hey Liam wake up, I made breakfast." I say gently.

"Nooo, a few more minutes!" He says. I suddenly have an idea as to how to wake him up. I go to the kitchen and grab a cup and fill it with cold water.

"Liam get up or I'm pouring this on your head.." I just get a grumble as a response. So I pour the water on his head. He immediately gets up and tackles me, getting me wet too.

"Aaaa" I scream. I stumble around the apartment trying to get away from him, but he's too fast. I suddenly trip, and we both end up on the floor, me hovering above him.

"Good morning." He says.

"Good morning." I say back smirking at the position we're in. I lean some of my body on to him and kiss him on the floor of his apartment. He of course kisses back allowing for my tongue to explore his mouth. We're soon moving in unison, when he flips us over so he's on top not breaking our kiss once. He moves his hand down my body and rests it on my hip.

I'm still a virgin and I rather not loose it on the floor of my boyfriends apartment, so I finish the kiss and get up from the floor. Liam and I have a nice breakfast talking about random things when I bring up sex.

"I don't think I'm ready yet to have sex." I say to Liam. He smirks when I bring up the topic.

"And you don't have to be." He says caring, "hey but whenever you are just let me know." He jokes winking at me.

"Oh I will." I say winking back at him, then getting up to put my plate in the dishwasher. "I'm going to go record." I say after putting all my stuff away. Then I leave to go to my apartment.

~Liam's POV~

I completely understand that Molly doesn't want to have sex, I just don't want her to feel that I'm pressuring her to do this, I mean I lov-. Wait do I love her! Do I love Molly Williams? I think I do.. but does she love me. I don't know, probably not.. yet.

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