Chapter 12- UHC

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~Liam's POV~

I wake up the next morning seeing my beautiful girlfriend next to me. To think less than a month ago I didn't even know what she looked like. I kiss Molly on the forehead and head to the kitchen for breakfast.

I just pour some cereal into two bowls, when I see Molly walk in. "Good morning." I say to her smiling.

"Hey." She says back tiredly. Just then both of our phones ding. I look down to my phone and see it's a text from Graser on our avenue group chat.

Graser: Hey guys tomorrow there will be the first ever Avenue uhc! Don't worry there's cut clean on everything (just for Will), and we will compete in pairs (I will assign). Be ready to loose!

Be ready to loose to me - I see Will text

Good luck m8 - I see Molly text. I smile to her.

~The next day & Molly's POV~

Suddenly I feel a rush of coldness then I realize it's Liam pouring cold water on my head to wake me.

"Hey!" I yell. I hear him laugh and run out the room. Why did I ever give him a key?

"I got you back!" Liam mocks.

"Ok. Ok. Whatever. Go to your apartment we're doing UHC soon." I say looking at a clock.


"Hello everyone and welcome to an Avenue UHC!!" Graser yells.

"Woooooo!" Everyone says with their mics peeking and laughing.

"Ok so this time, we don't even know who's going to be on our teams... we have half of the members names in a dropper, and the other half of people who don't have their names will press the button and that will determine the teams. Once the person gets their teammate just text them so they know who you have. Ok so the people choosing names are going to be Molly, Will, Shelby, Andrew, and Liam. Ok Molly you pick first."

I move my character over to the dropper and press the button. I see I get..... PARKER! "YESSSS!" I yell with my mic peeking. Parker is the best, he will make these few hours of recording exciting.

"Wow looks like someone's exited." Will says. I instantly text Parker to tell him we're teammates.

Eventually everyone's in calls with their teammates.

"HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME BACK!" Parker and I both yell at the same time.

"Ok guys we are starting a UHC which I think you already figured out." I say. "Parker I'm ready for a lot of wired ness, so you better not disappoint me."

"Oh don't worry Molly I have a Red Bull right next to me so I can drink it right now."

"Ooooh I have one too, so we can both drink ours and be crazy together."

"Yes ok I'm excited. Cheers!"

Soon Parker and I have drank our Red Bull's and are heading down in a cave ready for diamonds.

"Ahhhhhh!" I yell trying to scare Parker.

"What! are you dead? Are you going to die? Are you going to leave me to be alone? Where are you I can come help."

"There's a witch and I'm at a half heart." I lie to him.

"Noooo! Really?"

I quickly type in chat _molly_ died to a witch

"NO. YOU. DIDNT." Parker says in disbelief .

"Nah I'm joking with ya." I say laughing.

"Aaaaagggg!" Parker says. "You can't do that to me. I thought you were going to leave me in the first ep."

"Nah we're going to win." I say.

"Yeah you're a good pvp-er I'm not." Parker says. "Aaaaa!"

"What?" I ask.

"I found diamonds!" He says happily. "You know what that means?"



A few hours later it's the eighth ep and Parker and I have 2 golden apples, both of us with a diamond chest plate and the rest iron, enchanted, and a diamond sword with a power 1 bow. We already killed Liam and Shelby's team, and now it's just us and Will's team with bee.

While we're crouching on a far tree, I see them. We start bowing them, hitting most the shots. When they find out where the shots are coming from they start bowing us back. We run up to them because we have better swords, and with Parker taking on Bee, and me taking on Will, Bee runs away, and Parker helps me kill will. We run after bee, and thanks to hunger we are able to catch up to her.

When we get close we see her eat an apple and fight Parker. "No! I'm low! I'm low!" He yells. Bee kills him before I am able to catch up. "Noooo!" I say. while I'm running up to her I see her put down a tnt. I stop. She types in the chat,

Heyimbee: I'm at one heart let me take my own life :(

_molly_: But I love you Bee. Don't do it. Pls

HBomb94: I thought you loved me :(

_molly_: shut up H

I knew this would start to hint at Liam and I's relationship.

Heyimbee: you're just going to kill me if I don't

_molly_: I could never hurt a little bee. You make my life sweet <3

Heyimbee: awwww <3

_molly_: get in a call with me

Soon bee and I are in a call together. "Bee I can't just kill you. But we can die together." I suggest. (Dark I know, but it's just minecraft)

"Awww Molly, you would do that for me?"

"Of course Bee!"

Bee and I jump to the bottom of a ravine dying at the same time, making the game a tie.

A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, and lucky to have.

Sorry I haven't wrote in a little bit but things have just been busy.

Winter break is soon so expect more updates.


Will has a girlfriend!

Like irl.

And she's HOT.

I mean just WOW.

I'm happy for him, and you should be too.

Love ya! <3



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