Chapter 21 - Reading Dirty Fanfiction

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~Molly's POV~

"Hi guys welcome back to the channel!" I say excited. "Today as you can tell by the title we are reading fanfiction about a bunch of the Avenue players. So here we are on the Avenue and we're going to start."

"Our first victim here is Ms.Heyimbee." I said.

"Ahhh! I'm scared Molly!"

"You should be." I creepily tell her.

"Okay you read first." she tells me scared.

I go to Wattpad and find the first story with Heyimbee in the title, and send her the link. And I guess it just happens to be a Strubee fanfic.


"BEE, I ship it so hard!!"

"Oh my god molly." Then I hear her actually face palm.

"'Mitchell's POV.'" I start. "'Bee and I have been friends for a year or so now, and we just moved in together.' - Bee it's your line now!"

"Oh sorry, - 'Mitchell! I want pizza!'"

"'Okay lets go some.'" I say trying to imitate Straub. "'In my head I say, man I feel like i'm developing feelings for Bee. But I know she doesn't like me.'"

"'Bee's POV, I've been crushing on Mitchell for so long now.' AHHH I CRINGE!" she screams.

"No, bee finish the sentence!" I say.

"'I wish this was a date.' ahhh this is so weird!" She says. "Me shy. Me shy."

I eventually convince her to finish the chapter, and of course she freaks out when in the story her and Mitchell kiss. Man that good content tho. We also find one more story about us; Mollee (pronounced mall-ee). And a lot of the covers are of us kissing each other on the cheek from PAX.

Next I get Shelby and some how Parker in to a call to read the next fanfiction. PUBBLE! Everything goes well, and they seem pretty normal when things like kissing come up but then in the story there is a brief mention of sex and its like I can feel them both turn completely red.

After the recording it's just Shelby and me in a call. "Have you guy's not had sex yet?" I ask her strait up.

"no not yet." She says a little quiet. "Have you and H?"

"Yea." I say.

"Eww Molly! How do you talk about this stuff so openly?!"

"I don't know I guess I've just always been open like this." I tell her truthfully.

"You're so weird." She says.


After our conversation I do a KiingGraser one with Graser and Will, and this one turns out really funny. It's basically just the three of us laughing the whole time at how weird the writing is.

"And for the final fanfic reading; I know you all have been waiting for this, it will be Liam and I!" The video is now irl H and me sitting in front of the camera with my laptop.

"Hi guys!" Liam says to the camera.

"Okay H you can find one." I tell him. He finds the one with the most views and clicks on it.


We end up acting out some of the story and cracking up along the way. When editing this video I find myself cracking up just while watching it. After editing, I render the video and set it to upload soon. I then Walk over to Liam's apartment.

"Hi Molly!" I hear him shout from his room.

"Hello!" I shout back. "What's for dinner?"

"We could make pasta." He says coming into the main room, kissing me on the forehead.

Smiling to him I question, "And have wine?"

"Maybe a glass." He says slyly.

"Woah! H?! Alcohol?!"

"Oh stop it." He says batting me away.

While singing along to the Guardians of the Galaxy sound track we make dinner together, and go to sit down at his table each with a glass of wine. ;)

We have an amazing time just talking and eating. We soon move to watching a movie. Instead of paying attention to Liam's favorite movie; Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I spend the time closely watching Liam. The way his eyes dart around the screen, and how they seem to light up when he thinks something was funny. And the way he looks at me then smiles. I can't think of anything that would be better than this moment; cuddling with my boyfriend and watching a stupidly funny movie.

Eventually I fall into a deep sleep while wrapped in Liam's arms.

7 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite.

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