Chapter 19 - dRuNk

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~Molly's POV~

It's still the night of our little cooking show and I see someone bring out some alcohol. Soon I find myself with a red plastic cup in hand. Uh oh...

"Liam this stuff fucks me up real quick. So if I end up getting drunk don't let me do anything too stupid."

"I gotcha." He said. I knew he didn't drink so I was safe with him.

"I would ask you to be the designated driver but we're already home."

~Liam's POV~

I've never actually seen Molly get drunk. I've seen her have some wine since her 21st birthday, only occasionally and usually only 1 glass, but She's told me times where she and her friends would get drunk during senior year of high school, and how she's been told she's a funny drunk.

Soon I see people around me get slowly drunk except for a few people like Graser and Del. I decide that this was amazing footage for my pax vlog so I quickly get out my camera. And start to film everyone drunk.

Molly and Will were really funny, and definitely the most drunk. So we made them both try little tasks like walk in a straight line and hold up a reasonable conversation without bursting out laughing or saying/doing something completely random.

Even not drunk, I had an amazing last night at the Avenue house, but soon I have to go home along with Molly. But eventually the party cools down and everyone goes to bed.

~Molly's POV~

I wake up to a terrible hangover, and Liam not by my side. Just then I hear the door open and I turn my head to see Liam walking in with a plate.

"Here I made you some eggs, toast, and tea." He says softly as he gives me the plate.

"Thanks H." I say.

"Do you need any Advil?" He asks me already knowing that I have a huge headache.

"That'd be great."


The day passes pretty quickly, most people moping around the house trying to pack for tomorrow. But later that night everyone ends up sitting in the living room and just talking like we had known each other our entire lives. Let me just say, life is pretty fucking great right now.


Pretty soon the next day everyone is at the airport.

"I'm going to miss you all so much." I say with tears threatening my eyes. "Just to think I have only know you guys irl for like a week now, but I feel so much closer."

"Awwww!" A bunch of them say as we have a group hug.


Soon enough Liam and I are on the plane headed back to Arizona. I'm sitting in the window with Liam next to me in the middle seat. On the plane Liam falls asleep and I read for a little bit, but soon I'm off to dream land too, resting my head on H's shoulder.

After arriving at the airport, Liam and I take un Uber back to our apartment complex. Because it's late we go to our separate apartments to sleep.


I wake up, eat breakfast, and decide to go on a jog. After jogging a couple miles I make my way back to the apartment to take a shower. After I shower I put on a lower cut tank top and some jeans.

"Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of the Avenue!" I say while running around spawn

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"Hello everyone and welcome to episode 2 of the Avenue!" I say while running around spawn. "Today on the agenda, we are meeting with a few people and most importantly talking with Bee. Cya in the next clip!"

The rest of the episode is me touring the city, talking to some people about shops, and then the final clip is bee and I.

"Heeeelllllooooo Beeeeee!" I say to greet her.

"Heeeelllllooooo Molllyyyyy!" She says back.

"Ok well strait to the point. Where should we live?" I ask Bee.

"Are you asking me to move in with you?!" Bee asks fake shocked.

"Oh shut up!" I laugh.

Bee and I end up finding a nice little area to build a house together. Just imagine their building where bees in game house is. We end up getting some work done off camera so that for our next episode we will have a house to live in.

While talking to Bee I edit my video. "How long have you and Liam been dating?"

"Oh I think it's been 6 months now." I answer bee.

"When are you going to meet his parents?"

"Oh probably soon. And then he's going to probably meet my parents too."

"This is so exciting!" Bee squeals.

"No it's not! It's scary!"

"Molly you'll do fine."

"Thanks Bee."

"I'm glad we became friends."

"Me too."

Later that night I head back to Liam apartment to have dinner and eventually fall asleep in his arms.

I wasn't planning on loving you, but I'm happy that I did.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in like a month.

But I loved seeing all the comments that were telling me to "post another fucking chapter"

They made my day xD

This was an absolute trash chapter and I'm sorry.

I just needed to get Molly back from pax all in one piece.

Also this chapter isn't even 1000 words long so I'm disappointed in my self :(

On the bright side, have a good day!

And before you close out....

Ummmm follow meeeee???

I love you!



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