Chapter 16 - The Boyfriend Tag

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~Molly's POV~

Liam and I both wake up to an alarm, I look to the clock and see it's 8am. "Good morning beautiful." Liam says to me.

"Have I Ever told you how hot I think your morning voice is?" I smirk and kiss him. "How about today we film the boyfriend tag?"

"That sounds perfect." Liam replies.

I quickly get up and take a shower then put on a white lacy crop top and some black high waisted shorts. And put on enough makeup to make it look like I'm not dead.

Once we gather up the group we head to breakfast, I order some delicious French toast and some lemonade

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Once we gather up the group we head to breakfast, I order some delicious French toast and some lemonade.

We talk about our meet and greet tomorrow and how exciting the convention will be. We also decide that today we will try to film a lot of challenge videos or any group ones, and maybe do a stream later.

I get my French toast and eat it while talking with the rest of my friends. To think I didn't know these people until a few months ago, and I've only been dating liam for about 3 of them.


When we all get back to the house Liam and I decide to go film the boyfriend tag.

"Ok guys, welcome back to another irl video. And because of the title your probably thinking, man Molly somehow landed herself a guy? Well if you thought that you would be wrong, it's just that clickbait tho."

"Hey!" Liam yells.

"Oops sorry lied again, this is my wonderful boyfriend Liam."

"Hey guys." Liam says stepping into frame.

"Ok well let's just get right in to the video." I say. "I'm guessing most of you know what the boyfriend/girlfriend tag is, and if you don't... too bad. Ok H, when did we meet and where?"

"I first heard your voice on one of Grasers never have I ever vids. But in real life I met you in a parking lot, but i didn't know what you looked like. But when I heard your voice I knew it was you."

"Next question, where/when was our first kiss?"

"Oh I remember this perfectly. I brought you to my favorite little restaurant, then after we ate we hiked to a lake and went swimming, after I just leaned in and kissed you. And thank god you kissed me back." He answered.

"Aww!! Your so cute!" I said kissing him.

"You just kissed me for the thumbnail didn't you."

"Shhhhh you don't tell people that." I say giggling. "Who said "I love you first?" I say moving on.

"I did, I think." Liam said.

"Yeah and it was the night that I was accepted on to the avenue." I smile.


"When did you meet my parents?" I ask.

"Hmm well Molly? When will I meet them?" Liam says accusing me.

"Well looks like that's all the time we have for the video, comment, subscribe, and like! Also make sure you go over to H's channel where we did the girlfriend tag. Cya!" I say but not turning off the camera.

"Have you even told your parents we're dating?" Liam asks me.

"I just told them right now! Hi mom! Hi dad!" I say waving to the camera.

"Hi Mr and Mrs Williams!" Liam says waving. Then I turned off the camera.


We film the girlfriend tag for H's channel then head down stairs to see that people are doing a stream.

"Hey stream!" I say stepping into frame.

"Oh hi Molly." Graser said.

"MY WIFE!" I said ignoring him and running to Bee.

I go and sit next to Bee and answer random questions that the chat asks me. Then Will starts, "ok we have a question from Hbomb94 asking, who are you dating?"

"Ooo H you setting up a promo for me?" I say looking at him. "Everyone go check out my channel! I'm posting a boyfriend tag really soon, so keep ya eyes peeled."

"Now we have a question from idkrandomperson asking, WHO IS IT?"

"Well your going to have to wait to find out." I say to chat.


Everyone finishes up the stream and we have pizza. And while people are watching a movie, I sit in the dining room with Liam and edit my boyfriend tag video.

~Liam's POV~

I watch her as she focuses on editing her video. I focus on her brown eyes darting around her computer screen, I focus on the sprinkle of freckles across her nose, and then I look at her in whole and realize I must be the luckiest person in the world to be able to wake up next to Molly and just love her and be loved by her. I just want to be with this amazing girl for the rest of my life.

"I love you Molly Williams." I say to her when I see she's done editing.

"I love you too Mr.Hbomb94." She says back smiling.

I smile like an idiot and kiss her not caring if the others would see us. The kiss starts to get more passionate with us moving in sync with each other. I gave her butt a little squeeze to show her how bad I wanted her.

"Do we need to take this up to our room?" She whispers.

"If you want to." I smirk.

And soon she's leading me upstairs.

Its always nice to have someone in your life that makes you smile even when they're not around.


Sorry for not updating for a week.

I would say things have been busy but then I would not be telling the truth... I just didn't know what to write...

But I wanna get back in to the swing of things, I would give a schedule but I wouldn't end up sticking to it.

Happy belated birthday to H!

Also new favorite word kalopsia.

I learned If from another book on Wattpad called....


Anyways I saw that some people were favoriting/liking a bunch of chapters and that made me want to write a little more.

So much appreciated..



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