Chapter 22 - Moving in together!?!

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~Liam's POV~

"WAKE UP!" I yell shaking Molly awake.

"Do I get a good morning at least?!" She says pretending to be upset.

"Good morning my love." I say sweetly kissing the tip of her nose.

"Aww! I love when you say that!" She says pulling me down to lie with her.

"No Molly, I have breakfast ready."

"I want to stay here and cuddle though." She cutely complains.

"But the food is going to get cold! Come on!"

"Only if I get a kiss." She says leaning in. I meet her half way, joining our lips together.

"You ready now?" I ask her.

"Hmmm, maybe one more...." I peck her lips than pull her off the bed and drag her over to the kitchen; where we sit down to eat.

After having light conversation over our breakfast of eggs and toast, I ask an important question I've been thinking about for a while.

"So Molly...."

"Yes H?"

"I was thinking..."

"You were thinking..."

"I was thinking about how it doesn't really make sense for us to have 2 apartments when we already practically live with each other... so I was wondering.... if you would want to move with me to LA?"

"I would love to." She says smiling then standing up to pull me in to a passionate kiss. After we part she says, "Why LA?"

"I figured a lot of our friends live there. And even though it's a lot more expensive to have an apartment there, we would be sharing the rent so it would even out."

"Sounds like a plan. We should figure out where Shelby and Parker live so we can be close to them as well."


~Molly's POV~

"So Parker and Shelby, do you know why H and I have brought you in to this call?" I say.

"No why?" Parker asks excited.

"Well it's not very happy." H says trying to trick them.

"Wait? What happened?" Shelby asks worried.

"We... ummm..." I say catching on to what Liam said.

"Wait! Are you guys breaking up?!" Shelby yells scared.

"Well, yea." H says.

"Yeah we broke up." I say trying to keep in my laugh, while still sounding serious.

"No you guys didn't." Parker says sounding upset.

"No this isn't real," Shelby says sniffling. "You guys better be pranking us or I'm actually gonna cry."


"Aww sorry Shelby we were just pranking."

"I knew it!" She says already sounding more happy.

"Ohh next time I see you guys i'm going to actually murder you." Parker says warning us.

"Well that will probably be pretty soon, because...." H says waiting for me to finish.

"We are moving to LA!" I yell.

"Oh My God! Really?" Shelby says.

"Yeah, I can't wait!" I say excited.

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