Chapter 4 - RUNNER! and important author note.

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Shower + pjs + messy bun + music = time to crank out a few chapters <3

~Molly's POV~

"LIAM, SHELBY, GRASER, WILL, I NEED TO RECORD A VIDEO!!" I screamed in to my mic, making it peak a little.

"Rip headphone users." Will says surprised.

"Your back!" Shelby says greeting me after a few weeks.

"Since when have you started calling H Liam?" Graser asked me. Oops I didn't even realize I called him that.

I pass over his question by saying, "Get on Mineplex. We're going to play some old fashion Block hunt!"

"YES! YES!" Lia- or H yelled.

"RIP." Shelby said.


We played a few rounds of block hunt and then Graser pulled us in to a game called....


"Noo! NO! I will leave!" Will says threatening.

"Noooo I need you for the content!" I yelled.

"Not the content!" Shelby said.

"The game's starting!" Graser said happily.

And then we heard Will get up from his chair and yell "IM NOT COMING BACK!!".

"Well there goes Will.." H says.

"And my content..." I say pretending to be sad.


The game is almost over and it's just me and Graser left.

"I'm going to beat you _molly_!" Graser says, actually saying "underscore".

"Pshhh, have you seen your self do parkour?" I say back.

And just after that, I cut him off, and he goes falling in to the lava.

"Yay!" H and Shelby say.

"Ha!" I say when I see my self up on the podium.

"Awwwww." Graser says disappointed.

"Well that's going to be it for this video! Go subscribe to everyone else. Until next time, CYA!" I say outro-ing my video.

"Hey guys what'd I miss." Will says coming back, ruffling a bag of chips.

"That's where it's going to end." I say laughing.


"So Molly." Liam says starting, "What was that twitter conversation the other day?" He says confused.

"Oh, nothing H."

"Molly please tell me. First you disappear for 3-4 weeks, then you start acting weird. What's wrong." Liam says worried.

"Don't you think that girl was cute though." I say mentioning the video, and passing over his question.

"Molly you can tell be if you're lesbian or something."

"No, no, no, no no no. Not lesbian. Just wondering what you thought of the girl."

"I guess she was cute, but that doesn't matte-, wait are you trying to set me up with her or something." H says jokingly.

"No...." I say thoughtfully, "no. I just-. no."

"So you are gay!" H says joking with me.

"Haha no, but I got to go!"

"Bye Molly." He said.

"Bye Liam."

You can't start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one.

OMG (eww) RUNNER!! I mean who doesn't like a nice game of RUNNER!

Just to clarify, no hate what so ever to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community or anyone who supports it. I want to let you that if you're gay, lesbian, bi, anywhere in between, or straight as a line, that people love you, including me. <3

Just know that your life will effect everything and everyone around you.

Last year a girl who I didn't know what so ever, died due to a drug overdose, and she was only like 13. But the fact that she didn't mean to kill her self, but she was so depressed and decided to turn to drugs, and ended up dying. Was the worst thing I ever heard. When I heard about it, I just cried, and cried.

And I thought about her, and how she didn't want to die. And I thought of what her parents thought, and what she thought, and how her friends thought.

And then I thought, what if I knew this girl. What if I could have helped her. Maybe she would still be standing here today.

Idk, I just will never forget this girl that I never knew, stupid right.

But all in all, I love you, An if someone says they don't, don't listen to them.

HUG (>^ ^)>

Speaking of sad stuff, I just got fucked up by this video, either to the side > or up^.

Ahhh the cube...

Agggg sorry for the rant, I think it's longer than the real chapter.



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