Chapter 6 - Dirty truth or dare!

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~Molly's POV~

Liam and I have been hanging out a lot. We've even have missed a few uploads. But I really like this amazing, wonderful boy. He has caught me staring at his perfect face a few times, that was awkward. But then I think a saw him staring at me a few times, but maybe he was just spacing out or something.

"Sooo, hows H? Have you even talked to him yet? Have you seen him?" Lizzie asks me while we're talking on a locked TeamSpeak sever (idk how TeamSpeak works?).

"Well I have seen him, we've hung out a few times."

"Is that a clue for we're dating, or what?"

"Not dating, but I have been thinking about him nonstop. And it's driving me crazy! I really like him, and I think he likes me so if he doesn't ask me out in the next week, I'm going to ask him."

"Yeah you go girl!" (I don't think Lizzie would say that irl.) Lizzie said encouraging me.


"We should record something." I say to Graser.

"Yeah we're doing a dirty truth or truth, you should come join."

"Whoa, whoa Graser. I thought you had a PG channel." I said to him sarcastically.

"I do, but you don't. So this is going to go on your channel." Graser said. He was right I didn't have a PG channel, so this would be fun. I always have to take my swearing down a notch when I'm recording for other people's channels, but with mine, wooo, you can really say what ever you want.


"Welcome back everyone! So today we are playing a dirty truth or truth with Graser, H, Bee,Will, and Shelby! But in this one person is going to ask a question, and everyone else is going to answer the question. So guys don't hold back, my audience isn't a bunch of 5 year olds like yours, so ya let's get started."

"Ok Bee, start us off strong." I say.

"Uhhhh...Ok, have you lost your v-card yet?" Bee asked.

"Wait what's a v-card...?" Graser asks confused.

"Who wants to tell him?" Will whispers in to his mic.

"Wait what?" Graser says.

"Well Graser there's this thing called sex." Liam says slowly.

"Ok, ok I get it." Graser butts in.

"I haven't yet." I say kinda quietly.

"Me too." Graser says pretending to be sad.

"Don't worry Molly and Graser, the lucky girl or guy will come around eventually." Shelby says.

"My turn to ask a question. This is gonna get awkward real fast, but when was the last time you jerked off?"

"Hmmm." Will says thinking. "Last week.. I think."

"Wow strait up." I say.

"Not for a long while, for me, I'm in a pretty serious relationship right now." Shelby says.

"WAIT WITH WHO!!" Bee yells excitedly.

"I can tell you guys after the recording." Shelby says.

"I DONT KNOW IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG!!" Bee yells again.

"Ok.. next question." Liam says. "What was your guy's biggest puberty struggles?"

"Well I think we all know yours are voice cracks..." I say to him.

"Omg I think the girls can agree, but the first few times you put in a tampon, OH MY GOD."

"YAS!" Shelby yells.

"Mine was boners during school. Ugggg." Will says.

"Don't even remind me." Graser says.

"Other then Shelby, do you have anyone in mind." Graser asks us.

"Yeah I do." Bee says.

"Oooo Bee!" Shelby says.

"How about you Hbomb." Bee says in her Australian accent.

I can practically feel Liam blush from the other side of our apartment building. "Yeah, there's someone I know." He says simply. Wait is he talking about me?


We continue to play for a little bit and then I end the video.

"So Shelby who's the lucky guy?" I ask her.

"Oh let me go get him." She says.

"omg I can't wait!" Bee yells, "WAIT NO #Shelbee"

"Ok are you guys ready?" Shelby asks coming back.

"Yeah!" We all say.

~Shelby's POV~

I run down stairs to get my boyfriend. "Come on I wanna tell our friends we're dating." I tell him.

"Not the internet, only our friends." He agrees.

We go up stairs to tell everyone.

"Are you guys ready?" I tease them.

"Yeah!" They all answer.

Well your going to have to wait for next chapter.

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

Who do you think Shelby's boyfriend will be?

Is anyone else watching the avenue a little too much?

Does anyone watch Riverdale?

Bughead 😭🤧




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