Chapter 13 - Joining the Avenue? Birthday? Sex? (Nothing descriptive)

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~Molly's POV~

"Where am I?" I say. "What is this place?"

"Who are you?" I hear a familiar voice say. "And what are you doing here?"

"I don't know I was just walking and a stumbled upon this wired place." I say turning around in place, taking in the block city.

"Well fellow human this is a place called THE AVENUE!" Graser yells.

"That's right everyone, I some how was able to make my way on to the avenue. So I'm here with Graser, and we will be joining everyone else shortly." I say to the audience.


"Ok guys I'm kinda scared because there're not telling me what we're doing for this next clip.... but they gave me cords..." I walk to the cords I was given to by Liam and when I get there I just see a sign. "Ummm.. ok the sign says; go to the place you originally spawned in. Well I didn't actually spawn in the city, I spawned about 100 blocks out of it. So I guess I'll go there.."

Soon I'm there and there's another sign that says; go through the portal.. I step through the portal to see everyone sitting around a decorated table with a cake on it. There are also fairy lights hanging around the area. That's when everyone starts singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear MOLLY happy birthday to you!" Because it was indeed my birthday.

"Its mah brfday!" I yell. Everyone laughs. "Awww guys your so sweet!"

"It was H who planned it." Graser said.

"Thanks H." I said.

"Well it is your birthday so I'm going to start you off on the server with some diamonds and some flowers."

"Aww thanks H."

"Ok Molly I have some sugar for you because you make my life sweet too." Bee says referencing the ending of the Avenue uhc. Go read that chapter if you haven't.


After people finish giving me presents I got all sorts of cool things like a portal gun. After the clip bee asks me to do another quick one just the two of us.

"So Molly," Bee says, "do you wanna go see a movie?"

"Sure." I say. "But you're acting kinda suspicious.." I point out.

"No I just wanna go on a movie date- or hang out with you."

"Umm ok Bee."

We go into the movie theater with a tiny green screen on it. Bee and I pretend to watch a movie making tiny comments about it. I look over at minecraft bee and she looks over at me.

"Molly." Bee says acting.


"I think I love you." She says then whispers "in game".

" I think I love you too Bee." I say back, then in a whisper I say, "in game."

We cut the clip and go to beautiful lavender biome.

"Molly will you marry me?" Bee asks.

"Of course I will Bee!" I say accepting her request in the game to marry me.


Later that day I hear a knock on the door. I open it to see Liam.

"Hey babe." He says when I open the door, giving me a kiss on the forehead. "I would like to invite you to a dinner tonight, nothing fancy just a little cafe and then we can do whatever afterwards."

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