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Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 Fanfic by xx2oexx
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 :D
Molly ends up stuck in a game of minecraft Never have I Ever with some new friends. Will one of them stick out more than the others? Started: November 4th 2017 Finished:...
First Love, Only Love (HBomb94 x Author) by _i_am_random_person
First Love, Only Love (HBomb94 x Sofia Rodriguez
So lately I've had kind of a crush on I decided to write this. If you don't like this ship then you could just pretend that it's someone else, or even you. I r...
If Only (A WilLiam Fanfic) [on hiatus] by flaminq
If Only (A WilLiam Fanfic) [on flaminq
Will and Liam have been friends ever since they first met eachother when cube started. But what if they want to be more than that? ~ Highest Rank: #3 in #thecube Started...
Subconscious Me by LolaLafy
Subconscious Meby LolaLafy
Her thoughts are in a whirlwind- emotions are indescribable. She wishes to escape it- she gets close to the end, but someone stops her. Who did? Will she listen to that...
The Deep End by lady_bug101
The Deep Endby Cescily
"I'm here. I just found the baby lying face down in the bathtub filling with water. I got her out, the baby is OK." "Do you have any relation to the man...
Lost At Sea (A Youtuber Fanfiction) by thebluekittycat
Lost At Sea (A Youtuber Fanfiction)by just rose
Shelby finally gets off the island she and Parker has been stuck on but when the two make there escape a terrible storm struck and the two lovers where lost at sea separ...