Chapter 1 - Never Have I Ever

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~Lizzie's POV~

Graser asked me to be in one of his "never have I ever" vids. Even though I don't know him or anyone else in the vid very well I still said yes, because why not.

It was supposed to be me, Graser, H, Shelby, Will and Sigils, but Sigils ended up being busy.


"Graser we can just do it with the 5 of us." H told him,

"No. I need one more person." He said back.

"I can try to get one of my friends on..." I suggested.

"Who are they?" Graser asked me,

"Her name is Molly, her channel is _molly_."

"Oh, I've heard of her. Sure try to get her on!"

~Molly's POV~


"Uggg!" I yell. "Oh it's Lizzie." I said answering my phone,

"Can you please get on TeamSpeak? I really need you in a video with some of my friends?" Lizzie asked me.

"Not even a hi?" I tease her.

"Sorry, Sorry. We need another person for this video."

"Is it with yamma-lamma-ding-dong?" I asked referring to Yammy.

"No it's with another group of youtubers, you probably won't know them though."

"Nooo, Lizzie! you know how nervous I am with new people. I can't just come in to their vid without knowing them."

"Come on Molly it will be fun!"


She eventually convinced me to get on TeamSpeak.

"Here she is!" Lizzie said.

"Hello." I said slowly.

"Hey another Brit!" I heard someone say.

"Ok, that was Will, this is Graser, this is H, and this is Shelby!" Lizzie told me. After she said each of their names they said hi.

"Hey there are 3 brits, and 3 non brits!" Will pointed out.

"Oh yaaaa." Graser said. "We should do a competition!"

"How can we do a competition for never have I ever?" H asked.

"The team with the last person standing wins." Graser says.

We do a few rounds and so far the brits are in the lead.

"Never have I ever had my period!" H said. All the girls jump forward.

Then out of nowhere Graser said, "awkward....."

We all started laughing and laughing and laughing. I had gotten to a phase where I just couldn't stop. So I had to mute my self for a second until I calmed down.

"H I thought you were supposed to be the mature one?!" I said still laughing.


"H if you wanna target the girls... never have I ever had a boner." All the guys jumped forward.

"Oooo Corinne!!" Shelby teased to H. Oh, H has a girlfriend!

"Nah Corinne and I broke up months ago." H said back. Never mind, H doesn't.

~10 minutes later~

We finished the game and of course the Brits won!

"You know what we have to do Gras!" Will said.

"Nooo!" Graser yelled as H starts to put TNT all over the course.

"I'm confused what's happening?!" I say.

"We have to destroy the course so that Graser can't use it again." Will told me.

"Oh, ok" I said still confused.


After we finished recording I had to do my homework so I decided to just mute, so I could still listen to them. I know creepy.

One by one most of them left, now it was just H, Shelby and I, but I'm still muted.

"Molly un-mute! I wanna talk to you!" Shelby said with a pout in her voice.

"Is Molly still here?" H said surprised.

"Ya I'm here." I say un-muting. "I was just doing homework."

"Ok." Shelby started, "I need to know what the best tampon brand is because I can't find a good one."

"Um I think this is a good time for me to leave now." H said.

"No it's fine." Shelby says to him. "Soooo..."

"Oh sorry. I think random brand is the best."

"Thanks!" Shelby says.

"No prob." I reply.

"Shelby!" I hear in the background.

"Is that Parker?" H asks.

"Yeah. What!?" Shelby yells back to some guy named Parker.

"Come down stairs there's pizza!" I hear as a response.

"Ooo pizza!" Shelby says. "I got to go guys! Molly we need to colab more! K bye"

"Bye!" Me and H both say.


For a minute it's silent, so I go back to my homework.

"Aaaahh!" I yell surprised.

"What's wrong?" H asks concerned.

"It's just one of my cats, he jumped up on my lap." I answer sounding like an idiot.

"Oh ok." H says.


After that ice breaker from my cat, Kirby, H and I talked for a few hours.

"What do you look like?" H asks.

"Why would I show you?" I say playfully.

"What do YOU look like Mr. HBomb94?"

"Well you can just look up a picture of me." He says.

"Ok then I will." I say. I typed in HBomb94, and this is the first picture that came up;

"You like what you see?" H said trying to act like one of the cringy f*ck boys that we were making fun of earlier

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"You like what you see?" H said trying to act like one of the cringy f*ck boys that we were making fun of earlier.

"Wow your hot," I say "oops sorry I was looking at pictures of Chris Pratt."

"Aggg! So rude." He said teasing.


We kept talking, and it was great. But eventually I could no longer keep my eyes open, so I had to go to bed. Did I have feelings for H? I don't know.... yet.

Don't ask why someone keeps hurting you. Ask why you keep letting them. <3



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