Chapter 14 - FACE REVEAL? PAX?

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~Molly's POV~

"So Molly when are you doing a face reveal?" Shelby asks me after I tell her that I'm going to pax with everyone.

"I don't know, I haven't really thought about it yet."  But I really have. I was planning on showing up at the house we're all going to be staying at and pretending to be a fan girl that found where they were staying.

"How about you and Liam? How are you guys doing as a couple?" Shelby asked me.

"Really good actually." I said while blushing thinking of the night before. (They had sex, for those who didn't read last chapter) "How are you and Parker?"

"Well really good. December 22nd (2017) was our 6 month anniversary."

"Aww you guys are so cute!" I say

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"Aww you guys are so cute!" I say. "I can't wait to meet you all."

"Oh my gosh, I can't wait to meet you."


"Ok Liam I have a plan."

"Ok Molly what is it?" He says laughing at how serious I sound.

"Ok when we get to the house we're staying at I'm going to prank everyone into thinking I'm a fan girl that found where you guys are staying, and that's going to be my face reveal video."

"Ooo sounds like a great idea." He says.

"And then after that I was thinking we can film a boyfriend tag or something like that to let people know we're dating."

"I like that idea." Liam says kissing me, I smile back into the kiss.

~The day we are leaving for pax~

"Hey guys!" I say looking into a vloging camera I just bought. "Well this is my face reveal! Yay! Um.. ok, today I am going to pax and I'm just going to vlog the journey. You're also going to witness me meeting most of my internet friends for the first time. Ooh I'm so excited.

"Ok I got my suit case and I just gotta get one more thing." I knock on Liam's door to see him answer with all his stuff ready to go.

"Woah what is this thing in my face? A camera? I thought you were supposed to be the mysterious Molly."

"Hey shut up." I say. "Get in the car we're going to pax."

Once we're in the car I explain to the camera, "I moved from the uk to Arizona about three months ago and met H irl and so yeah we're pretty much besties, right H?"

"No you just show up at my house sometimes." Liam says acting for the camera.

"Ok whatever H, drive us to the airport."


Soon we're at the house all the Avenue members are staying in. "Ok H you have to stay outside the house when I prank everyone." I say while vlogging.

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