“You replaced me?” Drew asked. You could tell he was hurt in his voice.

 “I told you Drew. The day you left was the day you left me. In fact his name is Charlie.” Amber made things clear.

 Drew laughed for almost two minutes before saying anything else. Amber had a questioning look on her face.

 “What are you laughing for?” Amber asked.

 Drew took a step closer to her.

 “The question is, is he as good as me?” Drew smiled and opened the front door and walked out. Annalise ran to Amber’s side.

 “Hey, Anna? What did he mean by that?” Amber asked her friend.

 “I think he’s going to try winning your love back.” Annalise replied.

 The front door opened. Drew walked and grabbed Amber’s shoulders.

 “Can your boyfriend do this?” Drew leaned down and kissed her. He backed away and walked out the front door again. Amber raised her hand towards her lips. The front door closed.

 “Anna,” Amber began.

 “I know, Amber. Let’s go get some ice cream out of the freezer.” Annalise grabbed Amber’s hand and pulled her into the kitchen area. She opened the freezer and pulled out a container of vanilla ice cream.

 “Which one? ‘Brothers Bloom’ or ‘Titanic’?” Annalise named two movies.

 “Brothers Bloom.” Amber answered her friend. (These two movies were what the friends watched if one of them were having boy problems.) Annalise nodded her head, and opened the case and put the movie into a DVD player. Amber sat onto a three-seated couch. Annalise grabbed a royal-blue-colored blanket. She put it around herself and Amber. The movie began to play. Amber rested her head on Annalise’s shoulder.

 “Amber do you really love Charlie?” Annalise asked.

 “What are you talking about, Anna? Why would you ask such a thing?” Amber replied, not answering her friend’s question.

 “I mean-” Annalise was cut off by three loud knocks on the front door. Amber jumped up, and her eyes popped open.

 “Don’t answer it if it’s Drew.” Amber demanded. Annalise nodded her head and walked into the other room. The door was opened.

 “Hey Charlie! Am is in the other room.” Annalise told the person. Amber jumped up from her seat and ran in the other room. Charlie was standing in the doorway.

 “Charlie!” Amber hugged him. He picked her up and walked back into the living room. Annalise closed the door and followed behind.

 “Whatcha guys watching?” Charlie asked.

 “Well we could tell you, or you could just leave with Amber.” Annalise smiled.

 “Hmph, option two sounds the funnest.” Charlie smiled back.

 “I’ll see you two love birds around!” Annalise called to Charlie who was carrying Amber out front door already.

 “Bye, Annalise!” Amber yelled back.

 Amber and Charlie got into the black car. Charlie put the keys in the ignition, but didn’t start the car. He turned to face Amber.

 “What’s wrong, Charlie?” Amber asked.

 “Amber, would you like to go on a picnic with me?” Charlie asked.

 “Sure! When?” Amber asked.

 “Tonight. I know the perfect place!” Charlie told her. The darkness of night started to settle in, and the sun continued going down.

 “Where's this place?” Amber asked, a smile escaping her mouth.

 “It’s a surprise.” Charlie smiled and started the car. “And I know you’ll love it.”

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