There was laughter between the couples. There was a red blanket on the grass with patches all over it. Candles were at each corner of the blanket, and their shoes were spread out on the grass.

 “Thanks Charlie.” Amber said, the smile on her face quickly fading away. Her head dropped down. Her hair covered most of her face (before going on the picnic she changed into a summer dress). Her hands mashed a pile of the dress into each hand. Droplets of water flowed down Amber’s cheeks, down her chin, and onto her dress, making a waterfall.

 Charlie raised his hand and moved Amber’s hair behind her ear. Her eyes opened. His blonde hair was a little messy, but it made it cute. The candles made his beautiful green eyes glow. The warmth of his hand kept the cold chill of the night away. He leaned towards Amber and kissed her. He pulled inches away from her face.

 “Is it a little late to give you flowers?” He pulled a bouquet of white roses from behind his back. Amber gave a little chuckle and pushed Charlie on his shoulder. He fell back, but caught himself and laughed along. He scooted closer to her, so they sat side-by-side.

 “I would’ve brought you red roses, but I heard a legend about them. Oftentimes the pure white rose was stained by blood, making a red rose. White roses are a symbol for true love. So, I hope you like it.” Charlie handed over the flowers.

 “Charlie, you didn’t have to do that.” Amber blushed, making it noticeable. Charlie smiled.

 “Are you embarrassed that I got you flowers?” Charlie teased.

 “Of course not!”

 “Don’t deny it! Ms. Caldera you are blushing… one way I could tell you’re embarrassed. Or is it because you really like me?” Charlie asked, smiling.

 It took Amber a minute before saying anything. She smiled, and hugged him.

 “I really like you Charles.” Amber told him. Amber jumped up from the ground.

 “Charles, is it now?” Charlie asked, still sitting on the blanket. Amber laughed and nodded her head. “Amber!” Charlie jumped up from the ground. Amber began running away, Charlie chasing after her. He grabbed her from behind and picked her up by her hips. He put her back down. She turned around and gave him a kiss.

 “Is he the one?”

 Amber backed away from Charlie, and looked to her side. Standing only a few feet behind her was Drew.

 “Drew, what are you doing here?”

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