She felt sunshine shining on her face. Her eyes slightly opened.

 “Charlie… what time is it?” The girl sat up and rubbed her eyes.

 “Amber it’s the weekend, why does it matter?” Charlie popped out of a door, which was to the bathroom.

 “Charlie!” Amber grabbed a pillow off the bed and threw it at him. He ducked behind the bathroom door. “Charlie, my mom is going to be so mad! Just tell me the time!” Amber yelled at him.

 “There’s a clock on my desk.” Charlie yelled from behind the door.

 “Twelve?!” Amber jumped out of the bed. She grabbed her shoes that were on the side of the bed. She slipped them on. She pulled the hair tie off of her wrist and threw her hair up.

 “I got to go!” Amber yelled. Charlie ran out of the bathroom. His shirt was off and you could see his six-pack.

 “Why?” Charlie grabbed Amber’s hand. Amber looked into his blazing green eyes.

 “Because, my mom is going to kill me!” Amber repeated. Charlie leaned down and kissed Amber.

 “See you tomorrow?” Charlie asked. Amber nodded her head.

 “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Amber walked out of Charlie’s room and snuck downstairs and walked out of the front door. Her dark hair bounced onto her shoulders. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket in her black sweatpants. She flipped it open. Nine missed calls from ‘Home’. She dialed in her home phone number. After a minute, it went to the message box.

 “Hey mom! I’m at a friend’s house. I’ll see you at dinner!” She flipped the phone closed and put it back into her pocket. Amber heard a loud beeping coming from behind her. She looked back and saw her best friend, Annalise.

 “Hop in!” Annalise yelled at Amber. Amber opened the door and sat in the front seat of her friend's ocean blue Mustang. Annalise's blonde curls matched her blue eyes and her white spaghetti strap top. Her mascara brightened her eyes, and her lip gloss made her lips shine. She was wearing her favorite skinny jeans.

 “Thanks, Anna.” Amber told her friend. Annalise drove back onto the road.

 “So, where are you headed?” Annalise asked Amber, looking from the road to Amber to the road again.

 “Anywhere, but home. I just want to be out right now.” Amber picked at her lace top.

 “Well I was just headed to my house, wanna come?”

 “Yeah, sounds like fun!” Annalise made a left turn and pulled into a drive way. The two story house was made of bricks and had a white door that matched the garage door. The front lawn was freshly mowed.

 “Wow, you really got this place together!” Amber looked side to side; up and down.

 “Yeah, well my brother and I got paid to do it.” Annalise replied.

 Amber opened the car door and got out. She closed it after she got out. She stared at the house for another minute.

 “I know, you can’t resist the look.” Annalise laughed.

 “Hey!” Amber pushed Annalise gently. Amber’s smile faded quickly.

 “Come on! Let me show you around!” Annalise linked arms with Amber, and pulled her along the flat pavement floor. The grass was alive, but barely. When they reached the door, Amber felt the hairs on her neck stand up. She suddenly heard someone call out her name from behind her. She spun quickly and looked for someone who might have called her name.

 “Did you hear that?” Amber looked everywhere.

 “Hear what? Let’s just go inside, okay?” Annalise looked where Amber was looking, then rolled her eyes and started pulling her towards the house again.

 Something about the house started freaking Amber out. She started shaking, but Annalise didn’t notice. Annalise put her hand onto the door handle and pulled open the front door. The door creaked open and then there was absolute silence. Annalise walked into the house and turned around.

 “Come in, silly!” Annalise smiled.

 A hand went around Annalise’s mouth, then she was pulled to the side. The door closed and locked. There were no windows to break in on the side of the house. Amber’s eyes went wide. Amber began banging on the front door.


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