“Get up, Amber! It’s the day of your party!” Anna’s voice woke Amber from her dream. “It’s already noon. Did you stay up all night?” Anna asked. “Your party starts at 4:30, start getting ready!” Anna pulled Amber out of bed. “You can wear those clothes since you’ll only wear them for a few hours.”

“Anna, let me go back to sleep.” Amber begged.

“No! You need to get up! Help me with my dress and get my makeup on!” Anna demanded.

“Fine! So, who’s this guy you invited again?” Amber asked, putting her hair into a ponytail.

“His name is Tyler.” Anna blushed.

“Let’s get you ready then.” Amber walked to her closet and pulled out the soft pink dress. Amber took it out of the bag and handed it to Anna. “Go put it on.” Anna walked to the bathroom and changed. She came back out. “Alright, makeup time.” Amber took a box out of her closet and opened it, revealing lip glosses, eye shadows, lip liners, eye liners, blush, etc.

“Make it look romantic and innocent.” Annalise ordered. Amber nodded her head and took out powder. She started applying it to her face, rubbing it all over. She then took out a container of eye shadow putting the lightest colors on first, then the darkest. She put the eye shadow away and took out black mascara, putting it onto her eyelashes. Pink blush was put on afterwards, along with a pink lip stick. The lipstick brought out her eyes, the different colors shining in the light.

Amber grabbed all of Anna’s blonde hair. She grabbed a curling iron out of the makeup box and plugged it into an outlet. She let it heat up before she started putting little curls into Anna’s hair. It took hours to get the curls just right. Amber curled the last piece of hair, it fell perfectly.

“Done!” Amber smiled. Anna opened her eyes, jumping up and looking into the mirror. A piece of hair fell into her eyes. She smiled.

“Thank you! It looks beautiful!” Anna hugged Amber. “Your turn! Get into your dress!” Anna ran to Amber’s closet and took the dress out of the bag, handing it to Amber. Amber changed in the bathroom and came out for Anna to do her makeup. Amber could feel her face being patted with a powder. Her eyes were done, along with her lips. Her hair was being pulled out of the ponytail.

Her hair was pulled to one side of her head. It was put into a bun held by a hairtie and bobby pins. It laid against her ear. A piece of hair hung loose over her face, still held back behind her ear to keep it from falling in her face completely.

“You can look.” Annalise told Amber. Amber opened her eyes, gasping. Her lips were glossy, her eyes were darkened by the black eye liner, and the bun was nicely done.

“Anna, thank you so much!” Amber smiled and hugged her. The doorbell rang. “Looks like people are starting to arrive. Let’s go!”


“Where’s the trash can?” A man asked.

“Over there!” Amber yelled over the music and pointed to the direction of where the trash can was. The music was blasting, and people were dancing and talking. Amber was pulled to the side.

“Hey there.” Charlie smiled down at her.

“Hey Charlie.” Amber smiled back.

“You look beautiful.” Charlie told her.

“Thanks!” Amber replied.

“Wanna dance?” Charlie asked. Amber looked around.

“Sure, one dance.” Amber replied. She began dancing with Charlie. “At least it’s a good song to dance to!” Amber told him. He nodded.

“A lot of people.” Charlie told her.

“Yeah, half of them I don’t know!” Charlie spun her around. The song ended. “I have to go find my mom. Make yourself at home!” Amber walked away. She walked into the kitchen, catching two people making out, she walked past them and grabbed a cup off the counter. It had juice inside. She drank it.

“Saved a dance for me?” A voice asked. Amber turned around to see who it was. Drew.

“I told you I would.” Amber answered.

“May I have that dance?” Drew asked, putting his hand out for Amber to grab. Amber nodded her head and danced with Drew. All of the music that had been playing for the last two hours had been upbeat. The song ended.

“Foods that way, got to go!” Amber walked away. She bumped into Anna who was dancing with a handsome man. He didn’t look much older than them, maybe a year or so. “Sorry!”

“It’s okay!” Annalise replied with a smile. Amber walked by the two and outside, where another crowd of people were. She walked back inside and upstairs. She walked into her room and opened the window. She climbed out and onto the roof. She sat down and closed her eyes.

“What are you doing up here alone?” A voice asked. Amber opened her eyes and saw Zayn climb onto the rooftop. He stood up in his black tuxedo. His hair was spiked up, like usual. He sat by Amber.

“I needed to get away for a little bit.” Amber answered, with a smile.

“Good party, I’ll tell you that!” Zayn laughed.

“How’d you know I was up here?” Amber asked.

“I saw you. You looked pretty lonely so I decided to come with you.” Zayn smiled. Amber nodded her head. Amber looked down. “You okay?” Zayn elbowed Amber.

“Yeah, just thinking.” Amber replied.

“About?” Amber looked into Zayn’s eyes. They saw through her.

“How you left your book last night.” Amber laughed.

“Oh, yeah! I forgot!” Zayn laughed with her.

“Let me go get it.” Amber started getting up, but Zayn grabbed her hand.

“No, that’s alright.” Zayn told her.

“Okay,” Amber sat back down by him. She stared into his eyes. He held her hand in his. Zayn got closer to Amber and leaned down. She felt his lips on hers. They were warm and heated the cold night. Her hand escaped his and went around his neck, along with her other hand. His hands rested on her lower back. She pulled away, getting a breath of air. “Zayn,” Amber said. He leaned in for another kiss, but instead of pulling away she kissed him back. Her heart beat faster and harder. She kicked her shoes off, and he did the same. Zayn took his tux jacket off, revealing his black shirt. Amber, once again, pulled away.

“I love you,” Zayn told her.

“I know I shouldn’t but… but… I love you, too.” Amber replied, a tear sprinkling down her face. He wiped the tear away with his thumb.

“Come on, let’s go back inside before you catch a cold.” Zayn gathered all of their stuff. They climbed back into Amber’s room. He threw the shoes onto the floor and looked at Amber. She grabbed his hand and walked to the bed and laid down with him.

“Zayn?” Amber asked.

“Yeah?” Zayn answered.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For me hurting you.” Amber replied.

“You didn’t hurt me. You completed me.” Zayn told her. There was a moment of silence.




Zayn lifted her face up to look at him. He placed another kiss on her lips. He backed away and smiled down at her. A piece of hair fell out of the bun and covered her face. He moved it behind her ear.

Amber’s hand rested in Zayn’s. She was safe in his arms. She felt his breath on her ear. She rested her head onto his arm. One of Zayn’s hands grabbed Amber’s, while the other wrapped around her and pulled her close.

“Goodnight, Amber.”

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