“You’re not alone, Amber. I’m here, everything will be okay.” Drew stroked Amber’s hair.

 “How do you know? What happens if everyone leaves me?” Amber asked.

 “Then I’ll be here for you. I will always be here for you, Amber.” Drew answered.

 “I have to call my mom!” Amber forgot about what her mom said. She took her phone out of her dress pocket and dialed her mom’s number in.

 “Hello?” Her mother asked.

 “Hey, mom, it’s Amber! I’m at a friend's house, is that okay?” Amber told her mom.

 “Almost forgot, huh?” Her mom asked.

 “No! How could I?” Amber lied.

 “Amber,” her mother said.

 “Okay, I almost forgot, but I didn’t! I still called, so you can’t ground me!” Amber told her mom.

 “Alright,” her mom agreed.

 “Oh! I’m going to Charlie’s house, just to let you know.” Amber told her.

 “Okay, be safe.” Her mom told her.

 “I will,” Amber replied.

 “Love you,”

 “Love you, too.” Amber said, before hanging up. She put the phone into her dress pocket. She looked at Drew who was confused. Amber laughed. She hugged him. “Got to go,” she told him.

 “I can tell,” Drew replied. Amber gave him a small kiss on the cheek and walked to the door and opened it.

 “What was that for?” Drew asked.

 “A thank-you-for-helping-me present,” Amber answered.

 “Hopefully I’ll be getting more of those.” Drew smiled.

 “I’ll see you later, Drew.” Amber laughed, and walked out, closing the door behind her. She walked to Charlie’s house and knocked on the door. The door was opened by Charlie.

 “There’s a door bell for a reason.” Charlie smiled.

 “Yeah, well, whatever.” Amber walked in the house and closed the door.

 “Haven’t seen you much lately. You’ll need to come over more.” Charlie told her.

 “Yeah, well something kinda happened today.” Amber replied.

 “Like what?” Charlie asked.

 Amber thought of Zayn. Zayn covered in blood on the floor of his room. Amber shook her head, to get the thought out of her head. But it didn’t go away. She thought of how he was. If he was doing okay.

 “Nothing,” Amber faced Charlie and gave him a convincing smile.

 “Whatever you say,” Charlie shrugged.

 “So what have you’ve been doing all day?” Amber asked.

 “Nothing.” Charlie answered.

 “Well that sounds… interesting.” Amber said sarcastically. Charlie laughed. Charlie walked with his crutches to the couches and sat down. Amber sat next to him.

 “You’ve been hanging out at Anna’s house a lot more lately, why?” Charlie asked.

 “We’re closer!” Amber lied.

 “Anna told me you were hanging out with her brother more. Is there something going on between you two?” Charlie asked.

 “No! Of course not!” Amber replied. “Truth is, he’s been helping me overcome my fears.” Amber told Charlie the truth, sighing.

 “And what would those fears be?” Charlie asked.

 “I didn’t want to tell you, that’s why I was overcoming them.” Amber told him.

 “Just tell me.” Charlie said.

 “Okay, promise not to laugh?” Amber asked Charlie. Charlie nodded his head. “I’m scared of the dark and enclosed places!” Amber said quickly. Charlie caught himself from bursting out laughing. “I knew it! If you didn’t promise me, you would’ve laughed!” Amber got up from the couch. “You know what, I think it would be best for me to leave and go to Anna’s house. This time actually talking to her.” Amber made it clear she was going over to talk to Anna. She walked to the front door and opened it.

 “Amber! Oh, come on!” Charlie yelled from the other room.

 “See you later, babe!” Amber smiled and closed the door. She walked to Anna’s house. She knocked on the door. Anna answered the door. “We need to talk.” Amber walked in the house. Anna closed the door after Amber entered the house. “You told Charlie I was hanging out with Zayn, why?” Amber asked.

 “Because he asked what you’ve been doing lately.” Annalise replied.

 “Anna! I had to tell him why I was hanging out with Zayn. Meaning, I had to tell him I was scared of the dark and enclosed places!” Amber told her.

 “You better not be afraid of the dark anymore.” Amber turned around, seeing Zayn leaning against the wall.


 “We can get right to enclosed places. We just have to take it slow. After all, I was injured.” Zayn smiled, and made his usual jokes.

 “I’m not overcoming fears anymore. I already told Charlie.” Amber replied.

 “So? Don’t you still want those fears to be gone?” Zayn asked.

 “Well, I-” Amber was cut off.

 “Whatever you say, I’m still helping you overcome fears. Even if it means chasing you around, like a cat chasing a mouse.” Zayn said.

 “Fine, only because you’re making me though.” Amber answered.

 “See, Anna, I always win.” Zayn smiled.

 “Today, Zayn. You’ve been winning today so far.” Anna replied. Anna saw the confused face Amber gave. “Zayn says he always wins with girls.” Annalise explained to Amber.

 “Too late to change your mind now, Amber.” Zayn told her, grabbing her arm and walking upstairs. They went into his room. “Enclosed places.” Zayn told himself. “The closet.” Zayn pointed towards his closet. It was clean unlike the rest of his room. He pushed Amber into the closet and was about ready to close it.

 “Wait! Please come in with me.” Amber begged. Zayn stared at her for a minute.

 “Fine.” Zayn got into the closet.

 “Go on the other side. I want to make sure I don’t hurt you, since I seem like bad luck.” Amber pointed to the other side of the closet. She closed the closet door and sat down, her back leaning against the wall. Zayn was positioned the same as Amber. It was dark and was an enclosed place.

 “Zayn,” Amber called out.

 “Yeah,” Zayn answered.

 “I guess I’m facing both fears right now. It’s kinda scary.” Amber told him.

 “Yeah, I know. I’m facing a fear, too.” Zayn told her.

 “What’s your fear?” Amber asked.

 “Being alone with you.” Zayn answered. “That’s my fear.” It was silent for a minute. Zayn opened one of the doors and got out.


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