“No! I don’t want to be alone! I’m not alone! I know I’m not! I don’t want to be alone,” Amber spoke.

“Amber, wake up!” Drew shook Amber’s shoulders. Her eyes opened, and she sucked in air as if she wasn’t able to breathe for a minute. Tears were in her eyes, but she wasn’t going to cry. She was in shock. “Amber,” Drew hugged her. Her breathing was short and fast. She was panting. “It’s okay, everything’s okay.” Drew rubbed her back in little circles. Drew backed away from her.

“Drew?” Amber asked, snapping out of the trance she was in. She looked around her. Zayn. He was looking at her with his brown eyes. He was worried about her. “What happened?” Amber asked, confused.

“You don’t remember anything?” Drew asked. Amber shook her head.

“I remember… I was walking on a field. And then…” Amber tried thinking. “That man! He tried grabbing me!” Amber said, her memories flooding back like a strike of lightning. “Is he gone?” Amber asked, looking around.

“He’s gone, alright.” Zayn spoke up.

“What’d you do?” Amber asked.

“Chased him off and called the police.” Drew answered. “Are you okay?” Amber nodded her head. Drew hugged her once more. Amber saw Zayn look away, and his eyes close.

“Zayn, are you okay?” Amber backed away from Drew.

“Yeah,” Zayn opened his eyes, and gave her a smile.

“Where are we, Drew?” Amber asked, looking around.

“My place. I hope you don’t mind that I invited Charlie.” Drew told her.

“Why, don’t you hate him?” Amber asked, confused.

“I only hate him because you chose him over me.” Drew replied. “And besides, we all need to have a chat. Even you.” Drew looked at Zayn.

“Why me?” Zayn asked.

“Incase something happens. I know you’ll be the one to get Amber out safe.” Drew told him. Zayn nodded his head.

“What would happen?” Amber asked.

“Amber, I don’t know Charlie. You do.” Drew replied. There was a knock at the door. Drew got up and opened the door, letting Charlie in. Charlie walked over to Amber and hugged her.

“Are you okay?” Charlie asked, looking into her eyes. His green eyes sparkled, and his hands gripped her shoulders. Amber nodded her head. “Good,” Charlie let out the breath he was holding in. Amber noticed that Zayn was still looking away, and wondered why.

“Well, now that we all know Amber’s okay, why don’t we talk?” Drew asked, motioning everyone to sit down. They all sat on different couches. “Well, Charlie, I don’t think we met at a good start. I’m Drew.”

“I’m Charlie.” Charlie shook Drew’s hand. Amber shifted from side-to-side, wondering what would happen next. Zayn finally looked at everyone in the room, but mostly at Amber. There was absolute silence.

“Okay, let me just get this over with.” Drew broke the awkwardness. “Amber, if you want to be with Charlie, then I’m 95% okay with you being with him.” Drew told her.

“What about the other 5%?” Charlie asked.

“That other 5% is for if you break her heart, I will track you down.” Drew said with a serious face. He wasn’t joking.

“Okay Amber, if you want to be with him, I’m okay with that, too.” Charlie said. “So who is it gonna be?” Charlie asked. Amber looked at Drew and Charlie. She shook her head.

“It’s not supposed to be like this. It’s not supposed to end like this. If I chose one of you, I might not ever see the other again. Why would you do this to me?” Amber looked at Drew then Charlie. She looked at Zayn, and got up. Amber looked down at her shoes, the laces were coming undone. She held her hands together. “Impress me.”

“What?” Drew asked, confused. Charlie and Zayn had the same look. Zayn realized what she was doing.

“I’m giving you both a chance. Whoever impresses me most, I’ll be with him.” Amber said.

“If that’s what you want, I’ll try.” Charlie told her.

“I’ll try, too.” Drew smiled.

“Then it’s settled. It starts tomorrow.” Amber walked out the front door, and onto the sidewalk.

“Amber!” Someone called her name. She looked behind her, Zayn running after her. “You almost forgot this!” Zayn caught up to her, and handed Annalise’s bag to her.

“Thank you,” Amber took the bag, and continued walking, Zayn following her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Zayn asked. Amber shook her head. She stopped and looked at him.

“Why did you keep looking away, back there?” Amber asked.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out.” Zayn winked. Amber pushed him gently.

“Are you serious?” Amber laughed. Zayn smiled.

“See? You were upset just now, and I made you happy. Admit it, I light up your world!” Zayn continued smiling. Amber rolled her eyes.

“I have to go home. It’s getting late.” Amber looked at her phone. It read ‘9:13p.m.’. “My mom is totally grounding me.” Amber laughed.

“Don’t worry, I texted your mom all day!” Zayn told her.

“You did? Thank you!” Amber stopped walking and gave him a hug. She backed away and looked at the sky.

“There’s our star.” Zayn grabbed Amber’s hand and pointed her index finger at it. It looked almost as bright as the moon that shined down on the two.

“There it is.” Amber confirmed, smiling.

She began walking again with Zayn. Amber tripped on a sidewalk crack, face first. Zayn grabbed her arm, and yanked her back. She stumbled backwards, but soon regained her footing.

“Ow!” Amber yelled.

“Sorry!” Zayn let her go. Amber laughed, then smiled.

“It wasn’t you Zayn. It was just your tug that hurt.” Amber laughed.

“Sorry for being strong.” Zayn laughed with her. They laughed for a few minutes before walking again. They arrived at Amber’s house. Amber checked her phone. 10:43 p.m.

“Wow! Where did the time go?” Amber asked herself.

“Time flies when you’re having a good time.” Zayn answered her.

“Guess so.” Amber and Zayn walked to her front door. Amber turned around to face Zayn. “I would invite you in, but my mom.” Amber told him.

“No problem.” Zayn shrugged, his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“Well, goodnight then.” Amber told him. Zayn took his hand out of his pocket and placed it on the side of her face. He leaned in. Amber was frozen in her place. Her eyes closed. He kissed her. His lips covered hers smoothly, and warmed her up. The kiss lasted for a reasonable time before Zayn pulled away. Her eyes opened.

“Goodnight, Amber.” Zayn walked away. With every step the warmth left her body.

“Don’t go,” Amber whispered, but Zayn disappeared into the darkness of the only moonlit night.

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