“Amber, wake up!” A voice woke Amber from her slumber. Her eyes opened. Amber saw that it was Zayn who was shaking her from her sleep.

“No! Get away, get away, get away!” Amber tried throwing Zayn’s arms away from her. She pushed him onto the floor, but he pulled her with him. Amber looked around to see where Annalise was. The door was opened and lights were turned on.

“Again?!” Annalise yelled. Amber jumped up.

“No, no, no, no, no! You’re getting this whole thing wrong!” Amber told her.

“I want an explanation, now!” Annalise demanded and sat at the end of the bed.

“Okay, here it goes. I was having a nightmare, so Zayn woke me up, right?” Anna nodded her head. “So I wake up, and freak out. I pushed him onto the floor, but he pulled me with him. Got it?” Amber asked, and Anna nodded her head.

“I’ll let it go this one time because you let me invite that guy last night to your party.” Annalise rolled her eyes.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Amber hugged Annalise, jumping up and down.

“Alright, Zayn out. Me and Amber need to find out what clothes we are going to wear today.” Anna pointed toward the door. Amber watched him walk out. When the door closed she looked back at Annalise. She was holding two pairs of clothes. “Real simple today. Jeans and t-shirts.” Anna told her.

“Shoes?” Amber asked. Anna pointed to the sneakers on the floor. Amber nodded her head. “Let’s get ready then!”


The girls walked downstairs, Zayn waiting for them.

“What took you so long?” Zayn asked, smiling. Anna sighed.

“I’m going to go make eggs! Want some?” Anna asked Amber and Zayn, who replied with a nod. Anna walked into the kitchen area. Amber looked at Zayn, who was still smiling.

“Let’s go watch some TV.” Amber pulled Zayn into the living room, where a huge TV awaited them. She grabbed the remote and pushed a button, turning the TV on. Zayn was already sitting on the couch. Amber sat by him, watching the very dramatic show. Zayn laughed.

“There’s you!” Zayn pointed to a girl that popped onto the screen.

“Hey, I am not that much of a baby!” Amber pushed him.

“You sure about that?” Zayn asked.

“You’re so mean!” Amber joked. She got up and walked to where a pile of blankets were. She grabbed one and sat back in her seat. “I’m cold.” Amber told Zayn. She wrapped herself in the blanket. It helped a little, but not much. Her eyes became very heavy, and they were hard to keep open. She rested her head on Zayn’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She could hear the TV playing and she could hear Zayn’s breathing. She smelled the eggs that were being cooked by Anna. Soon, all of it disappeared.

“Amber. Hey wake up, sleepyhead.” A voice said. Hands shook her a few times. She opened her tired eyes, and saw Zayn. He was shaking her and smiling. “You’re awake! It’s breakfast time!” Zayn told her.

“It is?” Amber asked, lifting her head. She rubbed her eyes and saw Zayn get up.

“Come on.” He held his hand out for her. She grabbed it, and pulled herself up. She almost fell a few times if it weren’t for Zayn to keep her steady. He walked her to the kitchen and seated her at the counter. He grabbed one of the three plates and handed it to her.

She looked down at the food. Zayn grabbed another plate and sat by her. Her hand twitched. Something wasn’t right. Her hand kept moving towards the right to Zayn. Zayn’s hand swayed to his side. He grabbed his fork and stuck it in the pile of eggs. His other hand that was swaying to the side of him grabbed her hand. She didn’t pull it away.

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