“Okay, you’ve been crying for an hour now, my shirt is probably soaked.” Zayn joked.

“I cry too much, huh?” Amber said, still crying on Zayn’s shoulder.

“Maybe a little,” Zayn answered. Amber rested her forehead on Zayn’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Zayn saw she was tired. “Amber why don’t you just lie down?” Zayn asked. Amber didn’t say anything and grabbed a pillow on the bed. She rested her head on it. Amber took out her phone, but her eyes didn’t open.

“Zayn can you text my mom and tell her I’m staying at a friend’s house?” Amber handed the phone to Zayn. Zayn took the phone from her hand, flipped it open, and messaged her mom the information Amber just told him.

“Okay, done.” Zayn looked up and saw Amber who was already asleep. I guess it’s true about looking younger when you sleep. Her face had tear-stains, and her hands rested by her sides. Zayn put the phone on his desk. Her dark hair covered her pale skin. Zayn shook his head. “Goodnight, Amber.”

He got up and looked down at Amber’s innocent face. He grabbed a pillow that Amber wasn’t using and threw it on the floor by the bed. He walked to his closet and pulled two blankets out. He put one on Amber, and one where the pillow was on the floor.

He walked to his bathroom, shut the door and took off his shirt. He turned around, seeing his back in the mirror. The bandage looked like the one from earlier. He took it off, and grabbed another one that was in a pile on the bathroom counter. He threw away the old, and put on the new bandage. He walked out of the bathroom and back into his room. He got onto the floor and covered himself with a red-plaid-looking blanket, his legs sticking out. He took one last glimpse of Amber before letting his brain shut-down, his muscles relax, and his eyes close.


Amber woke up, the room she was staying in was dark. She rolled on the bed she slept on. Little light came from the hallway. She looked around. She quickly realized she was in Zayn’s room…in the darkness…alone. She looked around for any sign of Zayn. Nothing. She panicked and rolled off the bed, landing on something.

“Ow!” Someone yelled out loud. Amber looked and saw that she landed on Zayn…again.

“Zayn, there you are!” Amber smiled.

“I guess you found me the hard way. There is something called a light switch, you know?” Zayn smiled. Amber got off Zayn. Zayn sat up on the ground.

“I got scared, okay?” Amber replied.

“I thought you weren’t afraid of the dark anymore.” Zayn said with a questioning look on his face. Amber flipped the light switch on. Zayn and Amber covered their eyes from the burning pain they felt in their eyes. The light blinded them, but their vision got adjusted quickly.

“Zayn, just because that one time I wasn’t afraid of the dark, doesn’t mean my fear is completely gone. It’s still there a little bit.” Amber explained.

“So that one time you weren’t afraid of the dark was with me, right?” Zayn asked. Amber nodded her head.


“Guess I light up your world, huh?” Zayn laughed.

“Ha ha, very funny, Zayn.” Amber smiled.

"So why’d you wake me up? Zayn asked. Amber looked away from Zayn’s beautiful face. She walked to his window. It was still pitch black outside, only the street lights keeping the darkness away. Every once in awhile, one of the street lights would flicker.

“I had dream earlier of being alone. Something about it seemed so… real. It freaked me out.” Amber continued looking out the window. After a minute of silence, she turned around to see Zayn standing in front of her. Zayn hugged her, but she didn’t hug him back. She was shocked, and was trying her best to hold back tears.

“You’re not alone. You never will be. I’ll always be by your side.” Zayn told her. She felt his breath on her back, she closed her eyes, still holding her tears in. “You can cry if you want.” Zayn told her. She shook her head.

“I’m not going to cry. I always cry.” Amber replied. “And remember our deal. You helped me overcome my fears, I have to keep smiling.” Amber told him, but more to herself. Her hands were trembling. She raised them and hesitated to touch Zayn. Her arms flew around him. She buried her head into his chest and took deep breaths. “How’s your back?” Amber asked, still hugging him.

“It hurts a little bit sometimes, but I’m okay.” Zayn backed away from her and gave a smile. Amber smiled back. A yawn escaped her mouth. They burst out laughing. “Seems like you’re still tired, you should go back to sleep.” He motioned for her to go back to sleep. She got onto the bed, while he got onto the floor.

“Zayn?” Amber called out.

“Yeah,” Zayn replied.

“Can we see the stars?” Amber asked. Amber sat up, with Zayn. He nodded his head and grabbed her hand. He grabbed a blanket and pulled her out of his room. They walked in the hall to a window. He opened it and climbed out, and onto a ladder on the side of the house. The roof had a triangular top. They got onto the roof and went to one side where millions of stars awaited for them. They sat down and rested their heads onto the hard roof-top. Zayn put the blanket over them. “It’s so beautiful,” Amber looked everywhere in the sky.

“I came up here a lot when I didn’t see my mom and dad. They were always working. They were too busy for me and Annalise. And when they didn’t work, they were always fighting with each other. Every kid has to get away when their parents are fighting. Me and Anna came up here and looked for the biggest star, and soon hours would pass and we would still be looking for the biggest star.” Zayn put a smile on, but underneath he was like a kid abandoned who lost everything.

“Zayn, where are your parents now?” Amber asked.

“My dad and mom got divorced. My dad moved to Colorado, and my mom is only home once or twice a week for a few hours, before leaving to go work more.” Zayn answered. Amber looked at Zayn’s face. Zayn was still looking at the stars. Amber saw Zayn swallow. It was pain he was swallowing down. His eyes twinkled like the stars above.

“I’m so sorry, Zayn!” Amber hugged him.

“Amber, it’s nothing to be sorry about.”

“Yes it is! I brought back a sad memory!” Amber replied.

“Amber, every time I see the stars I think of the good memories, not the bad.” Zayn told her.

“Then why are you thinking about all the bad times with your parents?” Amber asked.

“I’m not.” Zayn replied.

“Then what are you thinking of?” Amber asked, confused.

“You. I’m thinking of you.” Zayn looked in Amber’s eyes.

“Me? Why?”

“I usually think about the person I’m talking to.” Zayn returned his attention to the night sky.

“Oh,” Amber said, also looking at the stars. She saw a star, bigger than the rest and pointed her index finger to it. “That one. It’s the biggest for sure. It’s beautiful.” Zayn looked to where Amber was pointing and nodded his head.

“It’ll be our star.” Zayn smiled to Amber. She returned a smiled.

“Yeah, our star.”

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