“Zayn!” Amber ran after him. He was downstairs talking to Annalise. “Zayn, I need to talk to you.” Amber pulled him into a different room. “What did you mean you were scared to be around me?” Amber asked, confused. Zayn smiled.

 “It means I’m afraid you’ll hurt me.” Zayn laughed, joking.

 “Was that all a joke?” Amber asked, still confused. Zayn continued laughing and nodded his head. “That’s not funny!” Amber pushed him.

 “Ow, Amber!” Zayn laughed. They both heard Anna coming into the room. “Amber, pretend I passed out again.” Zayn got on the floor again and closed his eyes. His smile faded. Anna walked into the room and screamed.

 “Zayn!” Anna screamed, running to him. Zayn laughed after hearing Annalise freak out for a minute. He sat up, still laughing. “Zayn, that’s not funny!”

 “Yeah it is! It’s weird, you and Amber said the same thing.” Zayn answered.

 “Aren’t you going to help Amber?” Anna asked Zayn, helping Zayn up from the floor.

 “Yeah, but I needed a break. We can start again if you want.” Zayn looked to Amber.

 “Sure,” Amber replied with a smile.

 “You remembered our deal.” Zayn smiled.

 “What deal?” Anna asked. Amber was just as confused as Anna was.

 “Forget it.” Zayn grabbed Amber and pulled her back upstairs, into his room. He opened both closet doors and got back inside. He waited for Amber to get in before closing the doors.

 “Now I remember our deal! I never understood it though. Oh, no! I forgot to call my mom!” Amber took out her phone and flipped it open. She texted her mom and let her know that she was at Anna’s house, and flipped it back closed. She thought about her dream of being alone. She cried softly to herself.

 “Amber, are you okay?” Zayn asked. Amber didn’t answer. “Amber?” Zayn called out again. Zayn looked for her in the darkness. He found her arm.

 “Zayn,” Amber hugged him. Her tears soaked his shirt.

 “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked.

 “I-” Amber was ready to say but her phone started buzzing. She backed away from Zayn, wiped her tears away, and answered. “Hello?” Amber tried her best being cheerful.

 “Hey Amber, it’s Drew. Can you meet me somewhere?” Drew asked.

 “Um, I don’t know. I was kinda hanging out at Anna’s house.” Amber looked at Zayn, who was asking who the caller was. Amber mouthed Drew’s name.

 “Oh, then never mind, that’s okay.” Drew replied.

 “We can hang out sometime later!” Amber told him.

 “Yeah, I’ll see you later.” Drew hung up the phone. Amber pulled it away from her ear and closed it. By this time, her tears were gone. It was silent for a minute. Amber looked at Zayn. His eyes were a Hershey chocolate color at the moment. Amber laughed until her heart was content.

 “Why are you laughing? Isn’t that supposed to be my thing?” Zayn asked, confused. Amber smiled.

 “I just remembered rumors about you.” Amber giggled. “The rumor was ‘you’re so sweet you put Hershey’s out of business.’ Your eyes are a Hershey chocolate color. It’s just funny.” Amber smiled. Zayn smiled with her.

 “There’s a rumor about me? How ever may I repay the girl who said this?.” Zayn laughed. “Now, do you think I’m sweet and put Hershey’s out of business?” Zayn asked. Amber thought about it. She shook her head.

 “No, I love Hershey’s, that’s why it’s not out of business.” Amber joked.

 “Well if girls say I put Hershey’s out business, and you love Hershey’s chocolate, wouldn’t you love me more than Hershey’s?” Zayn asked, smiling.

 “I still like chocolate more.” Amber answered.

 “It seems like your fear is completely gone. You know we’re still in the closet?” Zayn switched topics.

 “What? We really are!” Amber looked around, then back at Zayn and smiled. She jumped on him and gave him a hug.

 “Ow,” Zayn complained, but smiled.

 “Thank you,” Amber whispered to him, still hugging him.

 “No problem,” Zayn whispered back. “But why are we whispering?” Zayn continued. Amber backed away from him and laughed. She opened the closet doors and got out. Zayn got out a second after her. She stretched her arms and legs. Zayn mimicked her.

 “Don’t even!" Amber pushed him, smiling. “You know what, you made me want Hershey’s chocolate!” Amber chuckled.

 “Let’s go get some!” Zayn replied.

 “Wait. I need to text my mom, so I don’t get grounded.” Amber pulled out her phone. In a text box she wrote ‘Going to the store :)’. Amber still wore her white dress with the brown belt. Amber put her phone back into the dress pocket. She looked up at Zayn. He was staring at the bottom of her dress where a brown mark was. She picked up the end, licked her thumb and rubbed at the mark. It didn’t go away.

 “I’m sure it’ll go away.” Amber dropped her dress, looking back at Zayn who was still looking at the brown mark.

 “It’s crazy. That all just happened this morning.” Zayn looked at Amber. She was silent. “I’m a little surprised they let me out of the hospital so early. I thought I would have to be in there another day. I’m just glad I’m out.” Zayn smiled.

 “Let me see your back.” Amber motioned for Zayn to turn around. He turned around. Amber lifted his shirt up and saw the white bandage that covered his wound. It was no longer white, but a darker color. “How many times are you supposed to switch your bandage?” Amber asked.

 “The doc said 3-4 times a day.” Zayn answered.

 “How many times have you switched it?” Amber asked.

 “Once.” Zayn replied.

 “Give me a new one.” Amber demanded, holding her hand out.

 “Why?” Zayn turned around.

 “I’m going to switch it. You need a new one. It’s already 7, Zayn, you have to switch it.” Amber answered, still holding out her hand. Zayn walked to his desk, opened a drawer and took out a container. He took out a new white bandage and handed it to Amber. He held up his shirt so Amber can put the bandage on. Amber peeled the old bandage off, revealing the healing wound. She gasped.

 “It’s bad, huh?” Zayn asked.

 “Maybe just a little.” Amber replied.

 “Amber, I already know it’s bad. You don’t have to hide it from me.” Zayn told her. Amber covered the wound quickly, not wanting to see it anymore. Zayn pulled down his shirt.

 “Does it hurt?” Amber asked, with a worried face.

 “Not at all.” Zayn gave her a reassuring smile. “Now, are we going to go eat chocolate or not?” Zayn asked. Amber gave a small smile, and nodded her head. “Well then, let’s go.” Zayn walked to the door and opened it. He turned around, expecting Amber to be behind him. She wasn’t. She was still in her place. Her head was down, and tears were dripping from her face.

 “It does hurt, Zayn! You’re the one who shouldn’t be lying!” Amber covered her face with her hands. “I’m so sorry!” Amber ran to him and hugged him. Her arms went around his neck, and she cried into his shirt. Zayn wrapped his arms around her, hugging her back.

 “It’s okay Amber, really, I’m okay!” Zayn told her.

 “You will never be okay around me.” Amber cried.

 “I don’t care.” Zayn whispered, but Amber didn’t hear.

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