“Anna!” Amber burst through Anna’s door, making her jump.
 “What?” Anna asked, looking at Amber’s face.
 “It’s Zayn,” Amber answered. Anna started panicking. She got up from the floor.
 “What happened to him?” Anna asked. She didn’t wait for an answer. She ran past Amber, into Zayn’s room. Zayn was on the floor, with eyes closed. Blood covered the carpet floor. Anna ran to Zayn, picked up his head and started shaking him. Amber ran in a second later. “Zayn, wake up!” Anna screamed.
 Amber took out her phone, shaking. She flipped it open and dialed 911.
 “911, what’s your emergency?” A lady asked on the other line.
 “Um…um,” Amber shook her head, trying to think straight. “Um, Zayn, he’s bleeding a lot.” Amber said, still not thinking straight.
 “Where are you now?” The lady asked, her voice more concerned now.
 “Um, I don’t know. I can’t think straight.” Amber replied.
 “Miss, I need an address now!” The lady practically yelled into the phone. Amber became light-headed. Her vision started spinning. She fell on the floor, but her eyes were still open.
 “Miss, where are you?” The lady yelled.
 “North Side Avenue, 9000.” Amber told the lady before letting herself pass out.
 Amber woke up on a chair. A hospital chair. Sitting beside her was Anna. Anna’s mascara ran down her cheeks, meaning she’s been crying for awhile. Her eyes were red and sleepy. She had a black jacket on, zipped up to her neck, and jeans. Her legs curled against her chest, and she wore no shoes. Her flip flops were on the ground, one flipped over on the bottom side. Her chin rested on her arms which were huddled against her knees. Amber sat up, looking at Anna.
 “Anna,” Amber said. Anna snapped out of a trance and look Amber’s way. Her familiar smile was long gone. She wouldn’t be smiling until she knew Zayn was okay. “Is Zayn okay?” Amber asked. Annalise started crying again. She buried her face into her legs and wrapped her arms around her legs. Amber knew the answer.
 “He’s fine. He was on the verge of death from losing so much blood, but we took some of your blood Ms. Caldera. That’s why you were asleep for a few hours. You did wake up one time, saying you wanted to donate some of your blood to him. We checked your blood type and Zayn’s blood type, making sure they were compatible. They were so we gave him some of your blood.” A doctor came in, explaining the whole story to Amber.
 “Why don’t I remember donating my blood?” Amber asked, still confused.
 “While we were taking your blood, you passed out. You simply didn’t remember what happened the whole hour. All the blood we took from you made you weak and tired. You need to get much rest and you can’t move around much, okay?” The doctor asked. Amber nodded her head.
 “He’s awake.” One of the assistant doctors came out of the room where Zayn was held and told the other doctor. This caught Anna’s attention. She practically jumped out of her seat.
 “Can we see him?” Anna asked.
 “I suppose you can. Just don’t jump on him or anything.” The doctor smiled and walked away. Annalise and Amber bolted toward the door, Annalise getting there first, and Amber getting there second. Anna’s face lit up. She ran to Zayn’s bedside. His eyes were sleepy and had black circles under them. Amber ran beside Anna seeing Zayn.
 “Weren’t we here yesterday?” Zayn spoke. Anna’s smile was replaced with sadness. Her tears sprinkled down her cheeks, running her mascara again.
 “Don’t ever do that again.” Anna cried, hugging Zayn. Amber gave a small smile. Anna backed away from her brother.
 “Zayn, I am so sorry!” Amber cried with Anna. Amber turned away from Zayn and Anna. She didn’t want them to see her cry. She wiped away her tears. “Why didn’t you say something?” Amber turned around, yelling at him. “Why didn’t you say something?” Amber whispered.
 “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal!” Zayn answered.
 “You almost died! How is that not a big deal?” Amber started yelling. “You know, forget it. I don’t want to know. Like the doc said, I need some rest.” Amber walked out of the room, then out of the hospital. She walked along the sidewalk. She walked to an apartment door and knocked on it. It opened.
 “Drew,” Amber cried.
 “Need someone to talk to you?” Drew asked. Amber nodded her head. Drew let her into the apartment. Drew led her to the living room area. He sat her onto a couch and sat beside her. “What happened?” Drew asked.
 “What didn’t happen, you mean.” Amber corrected. Drew looked at her. “Zayn almost died because of me.” Amber was trying her best from crying, but a tear slipped and fell. “Can you just stay by me for a little while?” Amber asked.
 “Always,” Drew answered. Amber rested her head onto his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her. Amber was asleep in a matter of minutes. Drew carried her into a room where a bed was. He tucked her in and stared at her sleeping face. He kissed her on the forehead and headed back into the living room where he slept on the couch.
 Amber woke up on Drew’s bed. A blanket covered her. She was still tired. Her muscles ached and her head was hurting. Her eyes blinked a few times, holding back the tears she wanted to let out.
 “Think that we got more time, one more falling behind, gotta make up my mind.” Amber sang her and Anna’s song of pain. She closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.
“You’re alone,” A voice said in her head. “You will always be alone.” The voice continued.
“No,” Amber replied.
“Yes, you’re alone right now.” The voice told her.
“No, I’m not.” Amber told the voice.
“Alone you will be.” The voice laughed.
“Drew!” Amber screamed, her eyes shooting open. Drew ran into the room.
“What?” Drew asked.
“I had nightmare.” Amber cried. “I was alone.”

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