“Drew, what are you doing here?” Amber asked, surprised he was standing before her. Charlie stood behind her, with a puzzled look on his face.

 “Is he the one?” Drew asked a little louder.

 “Hey! I don’t who you are, but you better back off!” Charlie stepped around Amber and stood in front of her, being her shield. Drew smiled.

 “What if I don’t want to? Has she even told you her little secret?” Drew asked.

 “What are you talking about? If she has secret she hasn’t told me, she’s probably waiting for the right time. Who are anyway?” Charlie asked.

 “I’m Drew, her ex. You’re soon to be her ex, just letting you know.” Drew told Charlie.

 “And why is that?” Charlie crossed his arms.

 “Because I’m here to win her love back.” Drew answered.

 “Seems like a challenge.” Charlie had a smile starting to grow on his face.

 “Are you really ready to fight for her?” Drew asked.

 “I love her. Of course I am.” Charlie said.

 “Well then, I accept the challenge.”

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