“Daddy!” Amber pulled her hand away from Zayn’s, running into her father’s arms. “Did you just get here?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, and I brought you a gift!” Her father let go of Amber and opened one of the pockets to the suitcase. He put it into Amber’s hand.

“A necklace.” Amber smiled to herself. The necklace was silver, with a heart dangling down in the middle of it. Amber looked back at her father. “Daddy, does Mom know you’re here?” Amber asked.

“No, not yet. I was going to surprise her! Alright, I’ll see you around, pumpkin!” Amber’s dad grabbed his suitcase and put it by the stairs and headed towards the kitchen area.

“That’s your dad?” Zayn asked as soon as Amber’s dad was out of sight.

“Yeah,” Amber smiled, nodding her head. She held the necklace in her hand. She looked down at it.

“Let me.” Zayn held out his hand. Amber gave him the necklace and turned around. Zayn put the necklace around Amber’s neck and clipped it into place. Amber turned back around to face Zayn. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. “It looks beautiful on you.” Zayn told her. Amber looked away, blushing.

“Thanks,” she managed. “Wanna go back upstairs where it’s quiet?” Amber spoke over the song that was playing and the people talking. Zayn nodded his head, following Amber upstairs. They walked to her bed and sat down. She got up a second later, walking to her closet and pushing the doors to the side. She pulled out a case and unzipped it. She pulled out a guitar.

“You play guitar?” Zayn asked.

“Not really. My dad got it for me a few years back.” Amber replied.

“Do you know any songs?” Zayn asked. Amber nodded her head, positioning the guitar on her lap.

“Put my heart where my head should be and light up the rest of me ‘cause my dreams they won’t fall apart through the stops and the starts. When your life is a work of art.” Amber sang, playing on the guitar. She stopped and waited for Zayn’s response.

“Here let me see it.” Amber handed Zayn the guitar. He cleared his throat and got comfortable with the guitar. “Something’s gotta give now, ‘cause I’m dying just to make you see. That I need you here with me now, ’cause you’ve got that one thing.” Zayn sang, smiling the whole way through.

“Did you make that up?” Amber asked, smiling.

“Yeah,” Zayn answered. “And I know you didn’t make up yours! I know that song.” Zayn smiled.

“Yeah, well not everyone is a talented song writer!” Amber elbowed Zayn, who just laughed. “You’re better than I thought, that’s for sure!” Amber laughed.

“How bad did you think I was?” Zayn asked.

“Let’s just say… bad.” Amber said still laughing. She stopped laughing after a minute, and looked into Zayn’s loving eyes, smiling. She automatically started leaning towards him. He leaned towards her, too. Their lips met and sparks flew instantly. He grabbed her hand and held it tight. They both pulled away at the same time. Zayn smiled.

“You don’t know you’re beautiful.” Zayn told her, still holding her hand. Amber was speechless. Zayn got up. “It’s getting late, and you look tired.” Zayn motioned for her to go to sleep. Amber crawled under the covers of the bed and looked up at Zayn. He sat back down on the bed and placed a kiss on her forehead. He laid down beside her, his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her close. Before Amber drifted off to sleep she heard Zayn whisper something in her ear.

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