“We really need to stop bumping into each other like this.” Drew smiled. Amber backed up.

“Drew, why are you here?” Amber asked once more.

“I heard about your friend. Is he alright?” Drew asked, suddenly with a serious face.

“He cracked a rib and sprained his ankle.” Amber answered.

“Are you alright?” Drew dropped his head an inch to look into Amber’s eyes.

“I’m not the same person, Drew. Why do you want me? Is it because I found someone? Is that why?!” Amber shook her head.

“Amber, you’re the same. You’re just making mistakes.” Drew told her.

Amber walked around Drew and headed for the exit area. She turned around.

“Here I thought, I was starting to fall for you again. Charlie’s all I need! He is not my mistake. You were.” Amber was crying now. Tears were dripping from her chin and onto the floor. She turned back around and walked out the exit door, her name being called multiple times.

The sky was pitch black, but the street lights were enough for you to see. Amber still wore her summer dress. Her hair still held curls from her picnic hours before. She walked along the street. She stepped onto the sidewalk and walked into a field of grass. She took out her flip phone and opened it. Missed call from Charlie, Annalise, Drew, and Home. She closed it shut and stared out into the darkness. She threw her phone as far as she could away from her.

She lifted her hands and pulled at her hair. She fell onto the grass and started hitting the ground with her fist. She rolled onto her back.

“Think that we got more time, one more falling behind, gotta make up my mind. Or else we’ll play, play, play all the same old games. And we wait, wait, wait for the end to change. And we take, take, take it for granted that we’ll be the same. But we’re making all the same mistakes. Yeah, yeah, that’s what crazy is. When it’s broken, you say there’s nothing to fix. And you pray, pray, pray that everything will be okay. Why you’re making all the same… mistakes.” Amber sang, tears still streaming down her face. She wiped her tears on her bare skin. Amber sat up and crawled towards her phone that lay on the floor. She grabbed it and flipped her phone open. She typed in a number and it started dialing.

“Sorry, can’t pick up the phone right now. Please try calling another time.” The phone spoke to her.

“Dad… I know we haven’t talked in years. I just need your help.” Tears piled up so she wiped them away again. “Please call me back.” Amber took the phone away from her ear and flipped it closed.

“Amber.” Someone said from behind Amber. Amber turned around and saw Annalise. “We were supposed to go through each others pain, remember?” Annalise asked.

“Anna,” Amber ran into her friend’s arms.

“Amber, don’t ever go through it alone. We’ll go through it together, okay?” Annalise was crying with Amber. Amber nodded her head.

“We can make it through this. Closer, maybe we’ll be closer. Stronger than we were before yeah, made this something more, yeah.” Annalise sang.

“You remember?” Amber asked.

“Of course I do. It’s our song for when the other’s in a lot of pain.”

The girls shed tears for a few minutes before walking to Annalise’s house.

“You can crash at my house.” Annalise told her.

They arrived at Annalise’s house. Anna had to look in her purse for her house keys. When Annalise found her key, she unlocked the door and walked in, Amber following her.

“I can sleep on the couch, I’ll be fine.” Amber walked into Annalise’s living room. Annalise’s brother was sitting on the couch watching tv.

“Hey, Amber! Whatcha doing here?” Annalise’s brother asked.

“Zayn, she needs to crash here for the night.” Annalise told her brother.

“Cool. I’m still going to stay here and watch tv, is that okay?” Zayn asked Amber.

Amber nodded her head and walked towards one of the couches.

“I’m going to head upstairs. Amber, if you need anything, come and get me.” Annalise told her.

“Or me.” Zayn spoke up giving a smile and returning his attention to the tv screen.

“I will.” Amber said. Annalise walked upstairs. When Annalise was out of sight, Amber sat on the couch, then slowly rolled onto her side and fell into a never-ending dream.


Authors Note:

Hey guys! This is my first note! I just want to give all credit for the lyrics Amber and Annalise were singing to One Direction. The lyrics belong to their song called “Same Mistakes”. You guys should check out the song, because I think it matches this scene very well! I also couldn’t think of a name for Annalise’s brother… so I took one from the One Direction band. Zayn. Hope you enjoyed the chapter :)

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