“Amber! Wait up!” Charlie ran to keep up with Amber.

Amber’s hands crossed against her chest. She shook her head.

“You don’t understand Charlie. He won’t stop. You’re going to get hurt.” Amber finally stopped. Charlie stood behind her. “I don’t want you guys to fight over me. I just… it hurts so much.”

“What hurts?” Charlie asked.

“My heart hurts, Charlie. I can’t take it.” Amber cried.

Amber pulled her hand to her forehead. Amber started falling back.

“Amber!” Charlie caught her.

“I’m such a baby, aren’t I?” Amber asked.

“Amber, I think you’re just tired. That’s all! Let me take you home.” Charlie told her.

“Stay by me.” Amber tried saying, but it came out more of a whisper. Her eyes closed and she fell into an endless slumber. The street light made her skin sparkle, and her dress was spread out along the street. Charlie removed her hair from her face and put it behind her ear.

“Always.” Charlie picked her up and carried her home.

Charlie knocked on the door of Amber’s house. It was opened by Amber’s mother. Charlie carried her inside.

“Sorry, Mrs. Caldera, I didn’t mean to steal her for the whole day. She fell asleep just a little while ago.” Charlie explained why Amber returned so late.

“It’s alright, Charlie. Just call next time, okay?” Mrs. Caldera told him.

Charlie nodded and walked upstairs, still carrying Amber. He opened the door to her bedroom. He walked to her bedside and put her onto the bed. He pulled the blanket on the bed over her. He stood there for a minute and smiled.

“Goodnight, Amber.” Charlie walked out of her room, closing the door behind him. He walked downstairs and opened the front door.

“Charlie, wait one moment!” Mrs. Caldera ran out from a different room. She smiled. “Thank you for returning Amber home safely. And also, thank you for being there for her.”

“Mrs. Caldera, I would do anything for your daughter. I’ll keep her safe, I give you my word.”

“Thank you, Charlie.” Mrs. Caldera replied.

Charlie walked out the front door and closed the door behind him, as he did for Amber’s bedroom door. He walked on the street, his hands in his front pockets. Charlie felt like big lights were landing on him, from behind. He turned around. A car was coming at it him…fast.

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