“Amber Caldera! Where have you’ve been?” Amber’s mother yells from the kitchen as Amber walked in her house.

 “I crashed at a friend’s house.” Amber replied.

 “Amber, at least call or text. You worried me. I thought you were kidnapped or something!” Amber’s mom started calming down.

 “Sorry, Mom. I’m going to go change and head out again, is that okay?” Amber asked.

 “Where are you leaving to?” Amber’s mom questioned.

 “I’m going to go see Charlie again. He’s supposed to be getting out of the hospital today. Can I go see him?” Amber asked.

 “Sure, but if you go anywhere else you better call me!” Amber walked upstairs and heard her mom say. She walked to her bedroom door and opened it. She walked into the room and closed her door behind her. She put her phone down on her desk and fell onto her bed, and closed her eyes. She stretched her arms out towards the ceiling. She jumped up and opened her closet doors, revealing her clothes.

 She pulled out short-shorts and a gray long-sleeved shirt that had a cheetah heart in the middle. She pulled a out pair of cheetah-looking flats with a black bow and put them on. She walked into her bathroom and pulled open a drawer and grabbed a hairbrush. She carefully brushed her hair. She grabbed all of her hair and made a side braid. She tied it off with a rubber band and walked out of her bathroom and back into her room. She grabbed her phone and put it into her back pocket. She walked out of her room, downstairs, and was back outside.

 The sun was beating down, but there was a cool breeze, making it a perfect temperature. She walked along the sidewalk, kicking rocks, and was soon at the hospital Charlie was staying at. She walked in and walked to the front desk lady, Tisha.

 “Um…hi, can I see Charlie?” Amber asked, sweetly.

 “He’s getting a little bit of rest, but yes, you can go see him.” Tisha smiled.

 Amber nodded her head and walked down a hall. She made a left turn and walked two doors down. She opened a door, leading to Charlie’s room. She walked in and saw Charlie reading a book, Where The Red Fern Grows. The second he heard the door open, he dropped it in his lap, and looked up. His face lit with so much happiness.

 “Hey, Charlie.” Amber smiled, walking to his bedside.

 “Amber! What happened to you last night? You never came back. Annalise went to look for you, but she never returned, either.” Charlie asked.

 Amber saw everything playing in her head, as if it were only a dream. She swallowed.

 “I was tired, that’s all. Annalise took me home and stayed with me for a while.” Amber lied.

 “Oh, good. I thought it had something to do with Drew.” Charlie replied.

 Tears were piling up, waiting to pour out. Amber covered her face with her hands and cried.

 “Amber, what’s wrong?” Charlie asked. His breathing was no longer heavy, and he was able to speak normally.

 “I’m so sorry, Charlie.” Amber cried. Charlie moved over in his bed and motioned for her to come and lay by him. She crawled onto the bed and cried on his chest. He rubbed her back in little circles.

 “You don’t have to tell me.” Charlie told her.

 “Yeah, I do.” Amber replied. Amber got ready to tell Charlie everything. “I saw Drew last night. Anna didn’t really take me home. I went to a field and just lost it. Anna found me and took me to her house. I slept over there, then woke up and talked to her brother, Zayn.” Amber swallowed. “I told him I was confused and lost. I told him I didn’t know what to do. Charlie, don’t hate me like the world is.” Amber cried harder and hugged him tight.

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