“Annalise!” Amber tried kicking the door open multiple times.

 The door unlocked. Amber slowly opened the door and walked into the house.

 “Annalise? Are you there?” Amber took baby steps forward.

 The tips of her fingers started turning into icicles. She took another step in the silence.

 “Annalise?!” She yelled louder. She heard her echo and walked into the living room.

 There was no longer the screaming of her best friend. There was only absolute silence, and darkness. Each footstep Amber took she knew something waited for her. She looked at every opening and looked around. There was nothing to be found.

 “Hello… Amber.” A low, dark, voice said from behind her.

 Amber whipped around and fell backwards from spinning too fast. The tall, dark, figure grabbed her and held her in a lean-down dance pose. He pulled her up fast.

 “I can’t believe you fell for it, Amber! You’re so easy to scare!” Annalise ran down the stairs.

 Amber stared at the long figure still standing in front of her. The person removed the black mask that covered his entire face. Amber squinted, trying to see what the person looked like, but the darkness covered his face. The man stepped into the light where Amber could see his face clearly. Her eyes popped wide open.

 “Hello, Amber. It’s nice to see you again.”

 “Drew?” Amber turned to Annalise. “What is he doing here?!”

 “I thought you would be happy to see me, after all I am your boyfriend.” Drew made a smirk.

 Amber returned her attention to Drew. Her face twisted with anger. She put her hands on her hips.

 “Were. Past tense, babe.” Amber corrected.

 “I didn’t mean to cause a fight or anything. I saw him in town and thought that you would be excited to see him.” Annalise told her.

 “Excited?! Anna, he left me!” Amber spat with rage.

 “Hey, I told I would be back, didn’t I?” Drew’s eyes sparkled and his dark brown hair fell over his light brown eyes. His black shirt went perfectly with his plain navy blue jeans he was wearing. Amber’s eyes filled with tears. She raised both of her hands and covered her face.

 “I thought you weren’t coming back. I though you forgot about me. I thought you were dead.” Amber cried.

 “Hey, I’m right here. I promised I would come back.” Drew put his hands around Amber and pulled her in close to his chest. He brushed her hair with his fingers. Her fingers were spread out against his chest. He could hear the little muffled cries she made.

 “I’m here. Amber, I would never do such things to you.” Drew hugged her even tighter.

 Amber pulled away from him. She turned around. She wiped the tears away and looked down at the ground.

 “Amber talk to me!” Drew said.

 “What is there to talk about? I haven’t seen you for almost two years! You expect me to forgive that easily?!” She looked back at him.

 “I love you, Amber!” Drew exclaimed.

 “I-I already have someone else!” Amber said, looking down.

 “What are you talking about?” Drew asked.

 “I have another boyfriend.”

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