Zayn and Amber both woke up at the same time. Music was still blasting downstairs, and you could hear glass being shattered. Amber ran downstairs, Zayn close behind.

“What’s going on?” Amber asked herself.

“I’m not sure.” Zayn answered for her. They walked around the house pushing through crowds of people. Amber saw Annalise sitting down, talking to the same handsome man from before.

“Anna! What’s going on?” Amber asked, interrupting her.

“Amber, where have you’ve been? A lot of people have been looking for you.” Annalise told her.

“Who?” Amber asked.

“Your mom, Drew, Charlie, and I have too!” Annalise answered. “Were you with Zayn the whole time?” Anna asked, noticing Zayn standing beside Amber.

“Yeah, thanks for your help!” Amber grabbed Zayn’s wrist and pulled him away from Anna. She pulled him outside in the backyard where it wasn’t as crowded. “Is it just me, or are there twice as many people as before?” Amber asked.

“It’s not just you.” Zayn replied. They walked to the side of the house where no people were and most of the noise was blocked off by the walls of the house. Amber sighed. “You’re happy to be away from the crowd.” Zayn stated.

“Yeah,” Amber put the same piece of hair that fell out of her bun behind her ear. She noticed Zayn was staring. “What?” Zayn said nothing, a huge grin spreading across his face. “What?” Amber asked again, leaning against the wall of the house. Zayn took a step closer to her.

“You’re just really beautiful right now.” The moon sparkled in his eyes as he smiled down at her.

“Whatever!” Amber blushed, looking away.

“No, it’s true.” Zayn grabbed her hand, entertwining his fingers with hers. He took another step closer to her and leaned towards her, his face a few inches away from hers. He started leaning again. His lips pressed against hers. Amber pulled away, her free hand on his chest.

“Why is it that I suddenly feel like having a Hershey’s candy bar?” Amber asked, laughing. Zayn laughed with her. She gave his hand a little squeeze.

“Talking about chocolate,” Zayn pulled out a Hershey’s bar from his back pocket.

“You have some?” Amber asked, smiling. Zayn replied with a nod. He tore the wrapper off the candy bar. He broke the bar in half and held one piece out for her. They stuffed the chocolate in their mouths, holding in their laughter. “We should probably go back.” Amber told Zayn.

“Yeah,” Zayn agreed. They walked back into the house and past the crowd.

“Looks like we’re going to play the last slow dance for the night. Grab a partner and enjoy!” The DJ spoke in the speaker.

“Would you like to dance?” Zayn put his hand out for Amber to grab.

“I would be glad to!” Amber smiled, grabbing Zayn’s hand. The song began. Amber put her arms around Zayn’s neck, while Zayn’s hands went around Amber’s waist. “So, how’s your back?” Amber asked a minute after the song began.

“Almost healed. How’s your leg?” Zayn asked.

“I already forgot about it.” Amber smiled.

“Alright! Hope you guys enjoyed your time together! We’re going to speed the music up now!” The DJ said in the microphone. Amber and Zayn took a few steps away from each other.

“Well that was fun.” Zayn laughed.

“Yeah,” Amber laughed along. She grabbed Zayn’s hand and walked through the crowd. When she got near the front door she heard someone call out her name. It called to her over the music and rang in her ears. She remembered that voice. It was deep and kind. She spun around fast, seeing Zayn already looking at the man.

The man had a suitcase by his side. A big smile was placed on the man’s face. The man was tall and was wearing a buisness suit. He was tall, and his arms were open. Amber was shocked. She still held her grip on Zayn’s hand, but it was slowly slipping from his grasp.


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