“Zayn! Watch out!” Amber screamed. Zayn looked to his side and saw the car coming at them. He hit the pedal, hoping to go faster than the car coming at them, but the car was too fast. The silver truck hit the back of the blue Mustang, causing it to spin. After a minute, both cars came to a stop. Zayn’s head fell forward, and his arms swayed to the side of him. Amber’s head was against the cushion of the seat. She let out a yell of pain. She opened her eyes, and the sun blinded her. Hair covered her face, so she pushed it out of her way. Her vision was blurry. It took her minute to get adjusted to the light and was soon able to see. Glass was shattered on the dashboard. Amber looked down and saw a big piece of glass in her left leg. Both of her hands grabbed the glass, but pain shot through her leg.

“Zayn! Wake up!” Amber screamed over and over again. Amber unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door. She tried getting down slowly, but her leg couldn’t take it. She fell on her hip. She let out a sound of pain. She saw people running to her. They had parked their car and gotten out to help her. A lady ran to her, bending to help her up. Another person ran to her.

“Are you okay?” The lady asked and tried helping her to her feet, but it was too much.

“Zayn, please help him!” Amber told the lady. The lady ran around the car and opened his door. She unbuckled his seatbelt. A man ran next to the lady telling her to go help Amber, while he helped Zayn. He grabbed Zayn out of the car and carried him over to Amber. He put Zayn onto the street and checked if his heart was still beating.

“He’s breathing.” The man told Amber. Amber smiled, and looked at Zayn. She grabbed his hand. Loud sirens started going off. Paramedics ran over to Amber and Zayn. Two men grabbed Zayn and put him onto a stretcher and carried him off to a car. They did the same to Amber.


“How is he?” Amber asked the doctor.

“He seems to be perfectly fine. He just passed out, that’s all. You’re more hurt than he is. You need to be careful not to get those stitches undone. Come back immediately if they do.” The doctor ordered. Amber nodded her head. “Well, I think he’s been waiting to see you. You be careful, Ms. Caldera.” The doctor told her and walked out. Zayn ran in seconds later.

“Amber! Are you okay?” Zayn asked running to her side.

“I’m okay,” Amber replied with a smile. Zayn caught his breath.

“I’m glad.” Zayn told her. He took the chair under a desk and rolled it to Amber’s bedside.

“They said I wasn’t too badly hurt so I can leave tonight.” Amber told him.

“I’m sorry,” Zayn buried his face into the sheets of the bed.

“I’m okay! You don’t have to be sorry!” Amber told him.

“If I was looking we wouldn’t have been hit!” Zayn told her. “If I was looking you wouldn’t have been hurt.” Zayn looked into her eyes. She sat there, staring back at him, speechless.

“Zayn,” He stood up and began walking away, until Amber grabbed his hand. She pulled him to her, and pulled him down. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her head rested on his shoulder. “Don’t leave me. I’ll be alone.” Amber told him. “Please don’t leave.” Amber continued.

“I won’t. I’ll stay by you the whole way through.” Zayn whispered into her ear. His breath was heavy and soft. Her warmth was being restored more and more, the longer she was near Zayn. Every time he walked away, it felt like ice cold water was dumped on her over and over again. She had nothing to warm her back up, but he was the sun.

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