When Amber woke up, she could smell pancakes being made. She sat up on the couch, and rubbed her eyes. She stretched her arms in front of her and saw Zayn entering the room with two plates. He walked to Amber and handed her a plate.

 “Thanks,” Amber took the plate from Zayn’s hands. The plate had two pancakes and bacon on the side. She grabbed a pancake and plopped it into her mouth.

 “So, are you okay?” Zayn asked, breaking the awkward silence. Amber swallowed the piece of pancake she was eating.

 “Yeah! Why do you ask?” Amber lied, and tore off a piece of bacon and placed it into her mouth.

 “Well last night, I heard you crying.” Zayn replied. Amber looked around, as if there was a murderer in the room.

 “Is Anna up?” Amber ignored the question. Zayn shook his head. Zayn looked completely different from Annalise. It’s like they weren’t even brother and sister at all. Annalise had blonde hair, Zayn had black. Annalise had blue eyes, Zayn had hazel.

Zayn’s hair was combed down, which really brought out his eyes. He wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Most people think of him as a jokester-funny-guy. Some say he’s so sweet, that he puts Hershey’s out of business. But that’s only what others say.

“So what’s up?” Zayn asks.

“I… well… I don’t-” Amber was cut off.

“Spit it out, blondie!” Zayn smiles.

“Well I- wait what? I’m not blonde!” Amber replied.

“Your right, you’re a brunette! I must be color blind!” Amber giggles at Zayn’s joke. “So really, what’s wrong?”

“Boys,” Amber finally answers.

“Isn’t that what all girls complain about? What seems to be the problem?” Zayn asks.

“Everything!” Amber blurts out. “I’m in love with Charlie, but Drew came back. And now everything is just a blur!” Amber buried her face into her hands. Zayn laughs, hysterically. “What’s so funny?” Amber looked at Zayn.

“Well, you’re making this more complicated than it really should be.” Zayn answers.

“Oh, really? Than what should I do?” Amber asked, furious about what Zayn had just said.

“Ignore them. If they’re willing to fight for you let them fight. Which ever impresses you most, be with that guy. Or you could make it really easy, and break both their hearts.” Zayn smiled.

“No! This is why I don’t talk to guys about this kind of stuff.” Amber shook her head.

“Sorry, do you want me to act like a girl? OMG!” Zayn flicked the invisible hair on his shoulder. Amber burst out laughing. “Did I do well?” Zayn gives a thumbs up, then a thumbs down with a questioning look.

“Good!” Amber answered, still laughing. She pushed her messed-up-morning hair behind her ear.

“So what are you going to do?” Zayn asks.

“Guess I’ll I have to play along when it happens. Well I have to go. My mom must be worried sick about me.” Amber got up from the couch and smoothed out her dress.

“I have one piece of advice for you, Amber.” Zayn says.

“And what would that be?” Amber asked, with a smile.

“What do you look for in a guy? There’s your answer.” Zayn replied.

“Thanks,” Amber said. She walked out the front door and began walking home. “What do I look for in a guy…”

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