24 : The Parallel Universe❇

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Song: I'm the greatest by Taeyeon (Instrumental Ver)

Song: I'm the greatest by Taeyeon (Instrumental Ver)

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Eregor was a parallel universe Daniel created.

Those VR headsets they used were merely smaller portals to transport users from their homes into Eregor, under the farce of being a game.

They had all been fooled.

This was never a game to begin with, but a world that technology had given birth to.

The map that they were in was none other than the very same place Gwen had conducted her killings: the place she had murdered the Gordon kids.

Those were memories she definitely did not want to reminisce.

It was one of the few maps she was unfamiliar with, since it was a seasonal map, and not permanently part of the world of Eregor.

Perhaps this foreshadowed something even worse, far beyond their imagination.

A calamity that would soon befall them.

Gwen found herself alone in a room, away from the rest. It was dimly lit by a fireplace. The walls that were covered in floral wallpaper were plastered with golden picture frames of a gorgeous young woman, exactly the same as the one as in the locket that Gwen had clasped in her hands.

It was dark outside, and the silence of the night was broken by the cracking of fire. As she inhaled, cool, dry air seeped into her lungs. The atmosphere was eerie and almost surreal.

It was as though Gwen had actually seen this somewhere before, but she had no inkling nor memory of where, exactly.

The only shadow cast on the room was from a huge leather armchair facing the fireplace, away from Gwen. As she approached it, a figure got up and turned to face her.

Gwen gasped.



All of them, including Sheila, were around the same area when they got thrown into Eregor.

But there was no sign of Gwen, and Justin was really worried that she was faced with a one-on-one standoff with her father.

He honestly didn't know how the algorithm of that entire world functioned anymore. Why was she always caught in danger and away from him where he couldn't protect her?

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