13 : You and I❇️

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[A/N: Thank you guys so much for 600 views! Looking forward to our 1000 milestone soon! I really appreciate all your support this far (*'*) After editing, I've decided to keep this chapter in the POV format to show each individual character's feelings better. Song: Nurko - Breathe Without]

 Song: Nurko - Breathe Without]

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[Sheila's POV]

I watched, aghast, as the mug from her hands fell onto the floor and was smashed to smithereens as she released her grip over it. I could feel warm tears brimming from my eyes. I didn't know whether I should speak or hug her. To know that she was safe probably gave me the greatest sense of satisfaction.

"Who...who are you?" Gwen tilted her head to her side as she noticed I had a pair of katanas hanging over my back in my embossed grain leather sheath.

The words just couldn't come to my mouth. I just couldn't stomach my anxiety, especially seeing her face to face. All those walls of thoughts once ingrained in me that made me feel strong, crumbled away to smithereens as soon as our eyes met. I was never one to crack under pressure—it was like a taboo to me. But these unknown feelings were cementing fear in me: a fear that set my heart throbbing with pangs of uneasiness and even guilt.

Now that we had met, would she even accept me?

Just then, I felt a hand grip my shoulder from behind.

"What happened?" It was Kei. He probably heard the sound of the mug breaking that had drawn his attention. Justin followed behind him, and Gwen was rubbing her eyes in astonishment.

"Justin, Kei, just what is going on? Who is she? And why does she look so much like me?"

"Shhh..." Kei put a finger to her lips. "Gwen, this is Sheila, your twin sister..."

"What? Twin sister? How...I never had one but...where have you been all these years? Why...only now?" Gwen was really perplexed and it only made it harder for me to break the truth to her. It was just as I had predicted, and as I had feared.

"I think it's better you hear from her yourself, eh?" Kei gave me a pat on the shoulder and I looked up at him. "I'll clean up the mess. We'll let these two sisters talk." He pushed us both into Gwen's room and closed the door behind us.

We both sat down, and I took a deep breath. My breathing was mercurial and pacing against the rhythm of my pulsating heart.

Loosen up, Sheila. You're being too stiff.

"Gwen, I know it's hard to swallow, but they're speaking the truth." My shoulders slackened and I cleared my throat a little, "when we were younger, Mother abandoned me because I wasn't born a healthy child like you, and one of the surgeons reconstructed me in your image and raised me himself. We were born at the same time, though." I looked into her eyes, and I realised how similar we looked since we were born twins, just that I was deformed in nature.

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