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"Scumbag! You cheated on me, and now you want me back? Are you out of your goddamn mind?" Gwen yelled over the phone

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"Scumbag! You cheated on me, and now you want me back? Are you out of your goddamn mind?" Gwen yelled over the phone. "Seriously? It's been 3 years. And I've had enough of your bullshit. Stop lying to me and to yourself. Now fuck off!"

"Fancy that Irvine having the cheek to call me, and ask me to be his rebound after leaving me 3 years ago for some other chick! What a dick!" Her lips curled in distaste as she muttered under her breath.

No, Gwen. You were never cherished.

She hung up and threw her phone aside, grunting as she laid down in bed surrounded by plushies.

You were merely his toy, face it, that relationship was just a facade.

The walls around Gwen always seemed to be immaculately ordered: her rustic style curtains, the small potted plants by the window, and a space blue beanbag by the bedside-everything seemed in place except for her desk. It was probably the only active part of her room that made it short of being impeccably neat.

The four walls that enclosed her echoed nothing but loneliness, negative thoughts and voices that tormented her.

Her fourteen-inch laptop was running some updates on her desk which was cluttered with story ideas and drawings that she needed for the school's writing club. There were a couple of Overwatch posters hanging on the wall above it and artwork that she had done of characters she had imagined in her own world of writing. Even though Gwen was a student, her homework was always taking a nap in her bag, because she was far too lazy to touch it.

Is that what everyone would have always seen me as? Did I really mean almost nothing to anyone?

A few tears rolled down her cheeks. In her desperation to be loved, she got together with that gigolo and they barely lasted over a month. She regretted her decision to even start with him, and the incident only made her more reclusive and afraid to plunge into relationships with anyone that she just met again.

Even though it had been close to two years since they broke up, she hadn't completely recovered from it, especially since it was partially an abusive relationship. She was someone who lacked love, and constantly craved affection, but in the end, she would always end up hurting no one but herself, being the vulnerable person that she was.

She usually spent most of the time in her room, isolated from everyone in the outside world. Gwen didn't spend much time hanging out with anyone after school, other than during the Writing Club sessions and when she met her best friend, Elaine, for coffee.

Her everyday routine was simple: she caught the earliest bus home, took a shower, and snuggled herself under the duvet in her room. She'd watch dramas if she felt like it, at the expense of procrastinating her homework.

Today, it was long past the usual time that she'd be immersed in the other realm. The fact that her stupid ex had called her just because he was drunk after being dumped ruined her night. Gwen had no mood to log in.

Peering her head up from the pillows she had buried herself in earlier, Gwen lifted her phone towards her as it vibrated.

She had received an in-game text from him on her phone: the mysterious guy who always played alongside her in the Virtual Reality Mass Multiplayer Online game. Not that they had ever gotten the chance to meet in reality, though.

Her IGN (in game name) was Elfleda, for obvious reasons that she didn't want people to know her true identity.

Kyungii: Hey Elfleda! You're late today (;>_<;) did something happen?

At least this concerned soul is always here for me. I wish he were a real friend I could have with me all the time, though, Gwen thought.

Elfleda: I got a call from my ex-boyfriend. He's such a dick I swear. He needs to learn to leave me alone. (┛ˋДˊ)┛彡┻━┻

Kyungii: You really deserve better. Come online for a bit, I've got a new legendary item I'd like to give you. (。̀-ᴗ-)✧ Maybe you'll cheer up after you see it.

Elfleda: (눈_눈) As long as this isn't some sort of practical joke, I'm in.

Gwen grabbed her phone and VR headset as she lay down in bed.

It was time for them to meet again.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect the world of Eregor to collide with reality and enslave her to a world of crime.

The mafioso Gwen worked for in Eregor was involved in fights, drug trafficking and killing people in the game. She just did as she was told by their gang leader, Kaomos.

It gave her a couple of online friends who would always be her respite away from reality. They shared common interests, and they weren't the kind to backstab her like her old friends in school.

In real life, mingling in groups was never her thing. Gwen lived in solitude most of the time, anyway.

Although there was a pretty hot dude in school called Justin whom Gwen had a crush on, she never gathered the courage to speak to him because of the unapproachable vibes he gave off.

In reality, Gwen wanted to have no relationship with the mafia. Her father was an infamous gang leader in the mafia, and her mother walked out on them when Gwen was a child, reasoning that she didn't love this family, nor could she stand Gwen's father and his alcohol abuse any longer. But Gwen was sure there were more reasons that met the eye, including a possible death threat from her father.

Gwen grew up alone, isolated, from the rest of the world. She didn't even have the courage to talk to people sometimes because she had bad experiences of being mocked as a child with no mother.

But online, Gwen could be someone else: a mafioso with a sense of security.

And Kyungii was her "partner in crime".

They raided together for better guns and loot and fought gangs together so that their gang, Seige, would always remain at the top of Eregor. They killed people, but to Gwen, it was merely satisfaction in an intangible way. She was by no means a trained assassin; merely your average 18-year-old high school rebel, with a teeny bit of bloodlust, owing to all those years which she grew up with a violent father.

Nonetheless, it was the face of Gwen that she would never show to the rest of the world anyway.

Little did they expect that their online activities spelt more than just fun and games but serious implications on the horrors to come...

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