4 : His Tablemate and Girlfriend ❇️

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*Some slightly mature scenes ahead*

Song: Pluto, from the album Sleeping At Last

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Song: Pluto, from the album Sleeping At Last

"You really love her, don't you?" Kei winked at Justin as they made their way to school together. He had come back early in the morning after spending the night with the Writing Club Prez, and Justin didn't question him since they were both guys.

"Mhm..." Justin adjusted his haversack slightly and continued walking. So long as he didn't lay a finger on Gwen, Justin was fine with that.

"You've got your match finals in two weeks, don't you?" Kei wrapped his arm over him. "Aren't you gonna invite her over to see you play?"

"I don't even know if she's into watching basketball games..." Justin shrugged. She didn't seem like the kind who'd go out a lot after school either. She seemed like a shut-in NEET (not in education, employment or training) to Justin if she wasn't a student.

"But she's into you, idiot." Kei whacked Justin a little. "Ask her out man!"

Justin let out a sigh. "I'll try, I guess..."

Justin walked into class, and she was already in her seat. Gwen was unusually early today.

When she saw him, her face became flustered and she gave him a small wave. "H-hi..." She mouthed nervously.


Justin figured she was still awkward from just now, so he decided to scribble a small note and hand it to her. He didn't want others to catch him speaking to her too much either, because that would spell rumours which Gwen absolutely detested. Justin slid the paper onto her desk as more people filed into class. She noticed the paper and picked it up.

Come to my house after school. I have something to tell you. We'll meet at the old secluded back gate at 3 pm.


Gwen wrote on the reverse side of the paper and slid it back.

Ok, just don't pull any tricks (_)...

She could hear him suppressing a laugh, and rolled her eyes at him.

Since they were seated at the back corner of the class and no one could really see them, Justin occasionally made attempts during their lessons to play with her fingers under the desk. He was a leftie, so it helped that his right hand was free to hold her left.

Sometimes she'd smile a little at him. His warmth really made her calm down. She felt less uneasy, and soon it felt more natural being around him.

During lunch break, Elaine sat down and ate with Gwen.

"Um...Elaine? I have a favour to ask."

"Whaddya need?"

"Please take me clothes shopping-"

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