Epilogue Special

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[A/N: To commemorate 15.5k reads, I've added this section as a special, not really as a continuation but to deeper explore the lives of Daniel and Gwen's mother, Katelyn.]


"I'm busy with work and won't be back till next weekend!" Daniel hung up on Gwen as he threw aside the phone. "God damn it!"

On the other end, a child, devoid of hope and love, crashed onto her knees as she broke yet another of the vases in her home. The music box played the music that once soothed her when her mum was around to wind it for her before she slept, was now the tune she hated the most. Feeling dolorous, pain, emptiness and voices sneaking into her head once more, she gazed into her reflection in the mirror: pink-eyed and lachrymose, she was nothing more than an unwanted child.

It burned like hot cigarette smoke within her ravaged lungs. Those words stung her like a viper's venom. She didn't want to hear any of it. She always saw it coming, but she hated the fact that she was always right.

Her Dad would never talk to her or be around most of the time.

Her Mum would never come back to take her away.

Nobody wants you, Gwen. You're the cause of all this emotional destruction between people.

That sinister voice rung in her ears once more.

No, no!

Gwen shook her head frenetically in denial, tears flooding her eyes as she tugged against her hair forcefully.

"I did nothing wrong..." Her voice trailed off as she gasped for air.

Yet another panic attack.

Yet another experience that she dreaded.

Yet another one of those experiences that psychologists and psychiatrists refused to believe that it wasn't merely voices in her head.

That void inside her grew larger by the day—it was a bottomless pit that she sunk deeper and deeper into, and the more she lost faith in people, love and relationships, the more she felt that life was a barren, desolated desert that she had to stumble alone on by herself. Every friend who stepped into her life was like a mirage, like the façade of an oasis that could never truly quench her thirst to never be lonely again.

Her mother was seldom home either, and she never understood why.

Why would her parents never be happy together? Why couldn't they be a happy family like everyone else?

No one could understand the turmoil she was fighting, nor the agony she had been drowning in in her disorientated family. In fact, she couldn't even term it a family at this point. Her understanding of the very word itself was a bunch of people who were merely forced to live together, whether they liked it or not.

Meanwhile, Daniel couldn't give up at this point. No way in hell. All that time he had sacrificed, all those lies he had told, and all the money he had used to seal the mouths of the authorities shut.

Seige didn't pursue them for a long time because of how formidable an opponent Daniel became, especially when he had started his massacre on the members of Seige and their families, who were desperately trying to escape and survive before Daniel could find them.

But his plot for murder would have to take a turn with the coming of age. He couldn't get blood on his hands forever. He had to change the way things were going to be.

And so, he created a Plan B.

The building was slowly blowing up and an inferno was raging across the building. One of the members had carelessly triggered the alarm which resulted in a security breach, and the basement of the lab was self-destructing the entire level.

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