Story of Earth (BL) by BLvines
Story of Earth (BL)by BLvines
"why don't you become my wife?..." "I'm not gay, I only like girls!" "You will get used to it, I'm much better!" ........... I, Earth Orwi...
  • reincarnation
  • yaoi
  • transmigration
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General Grievous X Fem Reader (light within #1)  by TheAwesomeOpossum
General Grievous X Fem Reader ( TheAwesomeOpossum
#1 for #GeneralGrievous on wattpad!! Thank you everyone! (((COMPLETED))) "You have something of mine. I don't mean to intrude. I.. " before you could say anyth...
  • generalgreviousxreader
  • greviousxreader
  • darkside
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DISINTER  (#1 in the Synchronous series) by Dearjessiebern
DISINTER (#1 in the Synchronous Jessica
If you are into dead Queens, Reincarnation, hot guardians and new friendships that bind...then this book is for you! Avery Ferox has always been the open minded type...
  • paranormal
  • supernatural
  • magical
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That Butler, New Face by Weezie_24
That Butler, New Faceby weezerz2490
We all know the story of everyone's favorite demon butler and young Earl, but what if they had a third partner in crime? Let's rewrite history by adding a new face, now...
  • blackbutler
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • victorianera
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The Dream Brought You to Me by kittyseia
The Dream Brought You to Meby kittyseia
Disclaimer : The main characters belong to their respected author. Summary : Arthit is lost. Kongphob tried to make everything making sense again. They're a mess. They w...
  • yaoifanfic
  • cross-dress
  • band
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Free Fall by Girlkatie_Vember
Free Fallby Shwe Yee Pwint Oo
တကယ္လို႔ အတိတ္ကိုသာ ျပန္သြားခြင့္ရမယ္ဆိုရင္ ျပင္ဆင္ခ်င္တဲ့ ေနာင္တတရားေတြရွိလား.. Krisyeol × Chanho Adapted to "Orange"
  • chanho
  • romance
  • kris
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Infinity: A Jenlisa AU by artemisgabriel
Infinity: A Jenlisa AUby artemis
"Will I see her again?" "I don't think so." Those are the last words Jennie Kim hears before the masked abductor knocks her unconscious then Jennie...
  • box
  • lovewins
  • doppelganger
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Crimes Of Eregor I ✓ (Editing in Dec 2018)  by FrostyxBingsuuu
Crimes Of Eregor I ✓ (Editing in Valerie Joan
[ BOOK ONE OF THE CRIMES OF EREGOR SERIES || COMPLETE ] *Revamping Dec 2018* "One more step and you will die." Her voice echoed death as she pulled out a P92 f...
  • crime
  • comedy
  • projectbadassgirls
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Tsuna Dragneel by AnimezTime
Tsuna Dragneelby Cielo
Tsuna and his guardians along with other acquainted Famiglia broke down in a war with a traitor. They all died. But Tsuna was so caught up that he didn't realize his rin...
  • tsuna
  • tsunadragneel
  • wattys2017
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At Least I Have You (Newt X Thomas Sangster X Reader)  by Once_Upon_A_Glade
At Least I Have You (Newt X Once_Upon_A_Glade
[Completed: First book of the series] - Everyone thought that (Y/N) was just a normal fifteen year old girl. Well there were things that made her obviously different fr...
  • crazy
  • paralleluniverse
  • gally
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Hunter Universe (hunterxhunter) by Cuopicfox
Hunter Universe (hunterxhunter)by Animefox
You have been sucked into the Hunter x Hunter world. An otaku girl, with no powers or knowledge whatsoever. How are you going to survive in this brutal hunter universe...
  • animeworld
  • gon
  • anime
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The Signal by NickCook5
The Signalby Nick Cook
For decades radio telescopes have scoured the skies for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence but have found none. Why? Could it be we really are alone in the universe...
  • firstcontact
  • paralleluniverse
  • alien
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Her World. by reejavaya
Her Reejavaya
Emi is a high school outcast and a girl who is all on her own. Zondra is the princess of Ceres , heiress to the throne and a valiant warrior in the battlefield. Two girl...
  • fantasy
  • love
  • angstwithahappyending
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The Boy From Needlewood by Huw_Powell
The Boy From Needlewoodby Huw Powell
The Boy From Needlewood is a fantastic adventure about Billy, a lonely and bullied boy with a secret. Hiding out with his mother in a small town in the backwoods of Wale...
  • paralleluniverse
  • youngadult
  • vampire
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Stay Close To Me ✓ by caughtupinascene
Stay Close To Me ✓by caughtupinascene
Parallel Universe: A world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain similiarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way. Example: I...
  • noorhelm
  • noora
  • skam
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Age Of Miracles | Pietro Maximoff by SaveTheBrooklynBoys
Age Of Miracles | Pietro Maximoffby Madison D. Moore
AGE OF MIRACLES Book Three Following Age of Glory and Age of Darkness · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · The girl, Elaine, winces, stumbling as she holds her side. Her hand stains with b...
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
  • timetravel
  • loki
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Parallel BTS (btsxbts) by PirateJunHao
Parallel BTS (btsxbts)by BangtanForever♥
BTS had moved to a new and bigger dorm. All of them had individual rooms but one room made them curious. The eight room with a rainbow colored door. Ever since they move...
  • parallelbts
  • allships
  • happy
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Parallel Nightmare (Thought dumping) by AngelRose180
Parallel Nightmare (Thought Lover of writing.
What if a dream was so real that you end up finding yourself looking for the next clue, looking for any chance of seeing if the dreams would lead to some type reality. A...
  • sexyman
  • romance
  • new-world
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The Hope Of All Hope's (Danganronpa X Male Reader) by AndroidBooks
The Hope Of All Hope's ( Harem King
What would have happened if the tragedy never occurred, and you were a student in hopes peak academy?
  • drama
  • comedy
  • paralleluniverse
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