5 : Kept under wraps❇️

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The nostalgic feeling of logging in. This feeling that I had experienced over a thousand times in the past 2 years, Justin thought to himself.

"Elfie?" Justin found himself lying in the bed of her in-game house. She was nowhere to be seen.

It felt odd. Didn't they log in just side by side a few minutes ago?

He got up from the bed and looked out of the window.

"What the hell?"

A war was going on about a mile away from the district. A war between 3 clans. And Elfie was busy using her Groza right in the middle of all of them.

Kaomos sent him a message. Get your ass down here now, Kyung!

Justin climbed out of the window drove over on his hoverbike to join the fight. Pulling out his sniper rifle, Justin ran to the nearest place he could seek cover from all the gunfire. Elfie made her way up to him once the coast was clear.

"Jesus, what the hell is going on today?"

"I'm equally clueless, you know. I just logged in seconds before you did!" Elfie reloaded her Groza as she took cover beside him.

"Kaomos just told us to kill them, so I'm following his orders! Now let's get this massacre started!"

Gwen ran straight into the line of fire. As feisty as always. Justin grinned and got into the fight.

She ducked all the bullets easily in ways he'd never be able to comprehend. He went to take the high ground so he could cover her.

He decided to swap his microphone channel to the channel between him and her.

"Elfie, I'm watching you from the building at Southeast 150. Keep firing. I'll make sure no one snipes you."

"Gee...Thanks, babe." She continued fighting as Justin scoped around with his other gun, the AWM. From the building, Justin had an eagle eye's view of the bloody mess downstairs. Seige was winning, for sure, especially with the madman killer Gwen on their side. Kaomos was at the frontlines, alongside Elfie and a dozen other members.

They had about 5 snipers from the guild, including himself, who were hiding in nearby buildings to shoot the other members of the clans, Ravenheart and Excalibur.

"No sign of anyone so far other than Timothy, Jack, Robin and Glen."

"Good. Kaomos said there are only 5 members left in each of their clans, but I only see 3 on the ground from each team. Keep a lookout."

"Yes, Elfie."

Honestly. Just where the hell were the other 4 snipers?

Just then, Justin heard the sound of a 9mm bullet being shot past his head.

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