Chasing Back Alleys by eastcoastgirrrl
Chasing Back Alleysby eastcoastgirrrl
His tanned fingers slid along the blade. "You know, you and I are a lot alike." I cocked my head at that. "You don't know anything about me. The only thi...
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Deep Desires : Miss Mafia  by seedrahereyall
Deep Desires : Miss Mafia by Seedrahereyall
"You wanna know why I'm angry ?" He said in between the kisses. "Because of you" He said as he continued and my body tensed and shivered. "Ev...
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Deal | Reader x BTS by XxVanTaexX
Deal | Reader x BTSby XxVanTaexX
"Y/N.... I love you, why is it so hard for you to understand?!?" "Excuse me?!? You call this love?!? I don't want you and I will never be yours." &qu...
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Blood Son: I Hate You// Damian Wayne Fanfic by Averysimons
Blood Son: I Hate You// Damian Averysimons
" Boys are a complete waste of my time. " - Abigail Reyna " Like I actually inves...
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The proposal mystery - A samaina probe by aashikapandiyan
The proposal mystery - A samaina aradhanaselvam
Ranked #4 in suspicion,#5 in crimefiction, #5 in samaina as on 03/10/18.What would happen when naina discovers her loved one is threatened to death?? Can she save them...
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Crimes Of Eregor I ✓ (Editing in progress)  by FrostyxBingsuuu
Crimes Of Eregor I ✓ (Editing in Valerie Joan
[ BOOK ONE OF THE CRIMES OF EREGOR SERIES || COMPLETE ] *Revamping Dec 2018* "One more step and you will die." Her voice echoed death as she pulled out a P92 f...
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Crimes of Eregor II: LEGACY by FrostyxBingsuuu
Crimes of Eregor II: LEGACYby Valerie Joan
[ BOOK TWO OF THE CRIMES OF EREGOR SERIES || ONGOING ] "Relax, sweetie," she cocked her head to one side, her deathly voice with a seductive edge echoing insid...
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Reckless Players ⚡︎ Damian Wayne  by ayewaynee
Reckless Players ⚡︎ Damian Wayne by daxi♛
"Life is hard enough, Maddie. Why go through it alone when there are people all around you to help?" "Because if something happened to you, I could never...
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The Beautiful Guardian by dark_lore
The Beautiful Guardianby dark_lore
Maxine has been hired to do a job. She is hired to be a bodyguard to a mob boss's wife. Keeping her safe from unwanted suitors, rival gangs attacks, and even from hersel...
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BADLANDS  by pxndula
Kill or be killed.
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Why Not Join? by cryingonion6383yes
Why Not Join?by Actual_Garbage
Y/N! (female reader) The most wanted criminal in the entire vast stretch all known universes, has found her way into the Creepypasta Universe! With her unknown magical s...
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The Erythrocyte Extinction by aleiksthelame
The Erythrocyte Extinctionby Aleiksander
Everyone in the New World is now filled with white blood. Even children are subject to the change of red to white. Every time someone commits a crime, their blood darken...
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HEARTLESS by Preciousangelaaa
HEARTLESSby Precious Angela Dobla
Kiana Scarlet Lopez is her name. She is fearless, Cold as ice.. Calm as sea.. Deadly as weapon.. She is HEARTLESS! Kaya niyang pumatay ng tao anytime kung gugustuhin niy...
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Ink by AuraRoses
Inkby 오라
Cliche as it sounds 'he loved all my scars and the ink on my body' He labelled me without me knowing Gang AU Copyright ©️2018 Yoon Jae Ah
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How Long It Takes To Develop Claustrophobia: A Horror Novella by AlexTheReader842
How Long It Takes To Develop Alex Kallinsky
A woman gets trapped inside her house in the country, due to a murderer waiting for her outside with all the living supplies he needs.
  • horrorfiction
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The Three Plagues by HorrorShowQueen
The Three Plaguesby XxxReapTheChillzxxX
For the darkness is a scary place... Especially when all light diminishes through its corridors. Enter into the main character, Donni's worst nightmares and memories. On...
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On The Run by Thabisile_N_Dlamini
On The Runby Thabisile Nonsikelelo Dlamini
Thandeka Nkhosi is getting ready for her wedding ceremony. She feels like something is not right. She tells her mother she no longer feels her fiancé, Themba Mkhize; how...
  • runaway
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Unveiled - A Novel by SamreenAhsan
Unveiled - A Novelby Samreen Ahsan
How far will a mother go for her missing child? She can walk barefoot through the fires of Hell. She can be friends with the Devil. She can sleep with the Devil. And...
  • thriller
  • lovestory
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The Outsiders | Imagines and Preferences by vicxvega
The Outsiders | Imagines and cookie
Do you ever imagine yourself having a greaser boyfriend? Well look no further than this book of imagines and preferences based on your favourite characters! including Da...
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Close by bfugss
Closeby bfugss
Nick Torres Fanfic. Maya Gibbs, executive director of NCIS under Director Leon Vance. This title was created for her because of her unique abilities and the need for a...
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