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The Deadliest Honeymoon 😈 by soulful_scribbler
The Deadliest Honeymoon 😈by Aɳυʂԋιɳι
Arun a young man , falls in love with a wrong girl and somehow escapes from her trap ! Maya a pure sweet hearted girl , makes him feel better with her presence and marr...
Vulnerable | Spencer Reid by ladyvillain01
Vulnerable | Spencer Reidby ladyvillain01
"I've never felt so vulnerable before and I'm just afraid that I'll lose the people I care about." "You've never told me that before," he whispered...
This story is based on my own imagination. This story is crime, mystery, thriller and more love. Plus, i became ashaangi and Cooku with Comali fan, the characters will b...
Understanding and Trust ( Maddam Sir FF ) by writerjan16
Understanding and Trust ( Maddam Janhavi M.
A girl with a Disturbed fate changed their fate for ever.... Let's see what happens. Ranked #1 in maddamsir #1 in Anuseena Language:- Hinglish
Battlecry | Criminal Minds (gxg) by dinowithapen
Battlecry | Criminal Minds (gxg)by c.a.c.
Blood and Battle: Book 3 /// Carli D'angelo finally has her life all figured out. She's got the job, she's got the girl, and she won't let anything or anyone take that...
A Man of Honor. by ThatPipeGuy
A Man of ThatPipeGuy
The minute I stepped foot in this city I was living a lie. I had hoped those lies would help me reach my dream of becoming a huntsmen, but it took me down a different pa...
Queen of emotions by Rabi238
Queen of emotionsby Rabi238
It is a fanfiction script of sony tv's drama MADDAM SIR, credit of all characters belong to them only. However in this story i had twisted a bit of their attributes to m...
🌹BLACK ROSE 🌹[✔] (UNDER EDITING) by iam_eresh
👬SWITCH👬 🌺 🌹UNDER major major (😅😅) EDITING 🌹🌺 Black Rose's parents were killed when he was a kid but because of the corrupt government, his late parents didn't...
Lima Syndrome [DNF] by simpinator42069
Lima Syndrome [DNF]by Atlas
Clay abducts George from a night club they manslaughter from and now he has to figure out a way to make him trust him and join their little team of psychos. Only for Cla...
Battleground | Criminal Minds (gxg) by dinowithapen
Battleground | Criminal Minds (gxg)by c.a.c.
Blood and Battle: Book 2 /// Elle is gone. She left the BAU, the FBI, and Carli D'angelo in a pile of ruins. Running from the demons she can't control, she flees to New...
heather  || spencer reid by letsgetcriminal
heather || spencer reidby letsgetcriminal
Dr Heather Jayce has decided to join the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI and it doesn't take long for her to discover that she developed feelings for one of her co...
His Addiction by brokensoul82
His Addictionby Min._writes
|| A mafia romance || Ardell Hudson joined the underground world in order to save her dying mother and in the process became one of the best assassins in the underground...
"Partners"- Jin ff ✓ by ilegalalien17
"Partners"- Jin ff ✓by ilegalalien17
Two detectives who ultimately hate each other, somehow end up together in a partnership to solve the ultimate case... A romantic comedy full of secrets and surprises Com...
Twilight of Itaewon | Taekook by AnecdotesOfABroken
Twilight of Itaewon | Taekookby 소우주
In which police officer Jeon Jeongguk was allocated with a suicide case of a boy named Kim Taehyung. A case that left no evidence, proof, suspicions. How will Jeongguk s...
Damn You | BOOK 1 by xvadax
Damn You | BOOK 1by vada
[Completed✔] ❝The only reason you're holding me is because we're afraid to be alone.❞ A pair of inseparable delinquents try to make it through growing up in their rough...
The King Who Won't Marry | ✔️ by Ahn_Onimus
The King Who Won't Marry | ✔️by A. O
Note: The King Who Won't Marry is 2 parts in one. Marriage is the most crucial, essential tradition to be carried out in the kingdom of Sorah for their kings. Because of...
Revengeful lust ✔️ H.S  by dreamsforreality
Revengeful lust ✔️ H.S by S🥰
[DISCLAIMER] This story includes mature content | COMPLETED Aurelia was living her miserable life in peace, until she got caught up with the criminal master mind Zayn Ma...
Paradox| h.s  by sheisasunflowerx
Paradox| h.s by Sunflower 🌻
paradox /ˈparədɒks/noun: a person or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities. Harry styles, ex-member of the worlds most famous pop band, now a movie st...
The Insane House | billie eilish by tcsticles
The Insane House | billie eilishby tcsticles
"You're so fucked up Billie." "Aren't we all fucked up in this house? Lighten up kitten." copyright 2019 @tcsticles