Exposed by innfamous
Exposedby innfamous
Katherine Gray goes through her highschool years facing many struggles but soon realizes her true self and exotic desires. Websters dictionary defines sex as; sexual act...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • crime
  • teen
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The 34th (Camren) by nltaylor
The 34th (Camren)by nltaylor
Lauren has the highest clearance rate of any other detective in the 34th, but her inability to be a team player has seen her go through partner after partner. When her f...
  • lgbt
  • lgbtfiction
  • camilacabello
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Hard not Life by Xgoodxreads13
Hard not Lifeby Angel M
{Warning : black couple , Mature Content and language , Scenes , } Aaliyah Watson (Justine Skye) lives in Harlem , New York in one of the most crime related town . She k...
  • blacklove
  • murder
  • crimefiction
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Blood Son: I Hate You// Damian Wayne Fanfic by Averysimons
Blood Son: I Hate You// Damian Averysimons
" Boys are a complete waste of my time. " - Abigail Reyna " Like I actually inves...
  • crimefiction
  • damianwayne
  • jasontodd
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Witness Protection - Namjoon X Reader (18+) by Infires-fanfic
Witness Protection - Namjoon X Milky
You have seen your parents brutally murdered and have taken on a new identity in order to hide from the people who ruined your life. That's when you meet him. His name...
  • crimefiction
  • btsxreader
  • namjoonxreader
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Close by bfugss
Closeby bfugss
Nick Torres Fanfic. Maya Gibbs, executive director of NCIS under Director Leon Vance. This title was created for her because of her unique abilities and the need for a...
  • crimesolving
  • abby
  • leroyjethrogibbs
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Redemption by Marsh02
Redemptionby Marshall Mccarthy
A man is stalking his ex, intent on winning her back, but when he finds out about her new relationship he hatches an evil plan to murder her and set up her new boyfriend...
  • maxcrawfordseries
  • nailbiting
  • jail
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Damn Good Reasons (Ace Merrill/Stand By Me) by Entangler
Damn Good Reasons (Ace Merrill/ Entangler
"You see that Chevy at the end of the line?" "Yeah..." I said, giving him the sideways eye. "I could get fifteen hundred bucks for that, easy.&q...
  • actionfilled
  • money
  • mobster
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The Outsiders | Imagines and Preferences by vicxvega
The Outsiders | Imagines and cookie
Do you ever imagine yourself having a greaser boyfriend? Well look no further than this book of imagines and preferences based on your favourite characters! including Da...
  • dally
  • lovestory
  • sodapop
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Sinister by Marsh02
Sinisterby Marshall Mccarthy
A serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Washington, murdering young women in gruesome, uncharacteristic ways. They are clean kills with very little evidence left...
  • thriller
  • killer
  • mystery
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Unknown // BangChan Stray Kids FF [discontinued] by 93_stray
Unknown // BangChan Stray Kids Sarge Ninty3
[discontinued] Y/N, normal teenage girl who goes to school and hangs out with her group of friends, goes home and sleeps. Everything is normal, until he showed up. Then...
  • chan
  • jyp
  • romancefanfiction
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1. The River Baby | DIVISION 1.0.1 by ELYSIAR
1. The River Baby | DIVISION 1.0.1by ELYOrg.LLC
SEGMENT ONE The; DIVISION Series | MANXMAN | • When the Narcotics rate rises in Boston, Detective Franco Garcia forms a Task Force. A team of Law Enforcement Officer...
  • lawenforcement
  • wattys2018
  • thriller
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Wanted by Nikkiloadeon
Wantedby Nikkiloadeon
Partners in crime. Christopher and Taylor are two drug dealers just trying to make a come up in this cold world. When the two get into some deep shit with the feds, Will...
  • chrisbrown
  • crimefiction
  • druglord
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Lupin's Last Heist || TAE♡GUK by looking4jams
Lupin's Last Heist || TAE♡GUKby 1_tall_macchiaTAE
- Tag, you're it! - You know I always catch you. - You do. But then again, you always let me go... Arsène Lupin, the infamous gentleman thief, is back. Except this time...
  • london
  • taekook
  • vkookawards
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Trapped in the Ring by LUCKYL00
Trapped in the Ringby ❅·.·Lakshana.·.❅
When a shy 18 year old accidentally falls into the hands of a lucrative criminal organization, she is forced to abandon her old life and cooperate with the group's dange...
  • organization
  • detective
  • mystery
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Prime Suspect by Rina_Beana
Prime Suspectby Rina_Beana
Officer Jeon Jungkook, newly promoted to Detective, is given his first big case. A string of murders have been carried out throughout Seoul. What connected the serial k...
  • murder
  • vernon
  • marktuan
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Instinct by Marsh02
Instinctby Marshall Mccarthy
A spate of unrelated murders have hit Washington, leaving the authorities stumped. They are senseless, brutal crimes with no real motive. The only break in the case come...
  • psychic
  • series
  • murder
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Love Bites & Bullet Holes by NaughtyPlease
Love Bites & Bullet Holesby R.G. Wrights
It was supposed to be a simple hit. In and out, kill everything that moves, and leave no survivors. A quiet, well orchestrated, bloodbath. Just another Monday... But whe...
  • violence
  • bullets
  • syndicate
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The Battle of the Dark Side by MerciesofGod
The Battle of the Dark Sideby MerciesofGod
Something that weighs on your life... brings you to a point that you see no hope anymore. Bella Garling, a junior that is horrified to see her only parent murdered in f...
  • mystery
  • crimefiction
  • suspense
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Pardon? by lilbitterboy
Pardon?by Lemon
What happens an extremely shady, rich businessman sends a "bodyguard" to watch over his youngest son without him knowing and the son slowly can't help himself...
  • bl
  • creativestory
  • lovestory
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