27 : One After Another

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"Go! Now!" She exclaimed, and the gang took to their feet. The journal and the locket were still stuck together, and Sheila hastily stuffed them into her vest. They couldn't afford to let Daniel gain possession of the bomb.

Gwen turned back and caught another glimpse of her, and she could not believe her eyes.

She should've figured that anyone related to the Lester Riddles was associated with the mafia.

Elaine Wincester.

Who would've thought her best friend would also turn out to be some professional hunter with a crossbow? Good Lord.

Gwen tapped her wrists together and activated the kinetic suit which Natasha made, and she had specially requested Natasha to have that two-tone suit from Sheila built-in with the kinetic suit.

"Time to fly, boys!" Gwen grinned, never more than happy to use those suits in battle again. "Ready?"

"Whenever you are," Justin cocked his head to one side.

Locking their fingers together, Justin and Gwen sprinted towards the shattered window and jumped out of the building.

"Holy cow-"

The road before them vanished, and they appeared 10 streets down from where they originally were, safe in another isolated building.

"This thing never fails to amaze me..." Sheila examined the suit as she placed the bomb on the floor.

"So what do we do with this thing now? We can't just let it blow up, right?" Robin asked.

"We have to get Daniel out of Eregor first, and then set the bomb off to destroy this world..."

"We've only got 1 hour, guys..." Justin began, "whatever you guys wanna do, be quick about it."

"I'll analyse the bomb with Natasha," Glen opened his database and connected Natasha to the system. "Let's see if we can control this bomb and find out what it does..."

"Guys, you might wanna know this bomb is 100% guaranteed to wipe us out. It contains 1000 times the amount of radiation that was leaked from Chernobyl, if that's sizable enough for you to imagine."

"Holy shit...that's..." Everyone was rendered speechless. How on earth did Daniel even design this apocalyptic machine?

"Get your act together, guys." Elaine swung into the room as well, and Gwen had never been gladder to see her.

"Elaine!" Gwen hugged her. "Why are you here?"

"To save you, and to save us all, Gwen..." she ruffled Gwen's hair. "You're still my precious baby girl."

Gwen felt glad to have such supportive friends in the face of adversity.

She wouldn't be alone in this war, not any longer. They'd be here, and they'd always have her back.

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