14 : Double Trouble

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Really now. When will he learn to keep his distance? Gwen shook her head in disapproval.

"Get out of my room. Now." Gwen grunted. Keeping her awake when she was dying to fall asleep was a fatal mistake.

His breath reeked of alcohol and his cheeks were flushed. He slumped into the bed and refused to budge no matter how hard she tried to push him away. "What's wrong with you? Geez..."

"You have no..idea...how you always...seduce...me..."

"Good Lord...you're drunk, Kei. Ugh...."

Gwen grabbed a couple of pillows and slumped them over her shoulder. She heard him faintly mutter something under his breath.

"You two are so alike...stop confusing me so much..." His tone saddened and he rolled around in the bed.

"Why must you guys look so alike...?" he rolled back and forth, and he seemed to be about to cry. "I can't live like this...It's ripping me apart from inside..."

Gwen turned around to face him and put the pillows back down on the bed.

"Kei?" Gwen inched a bit closer to him, but she made sure to keep her distance so he couldn't do anything funny.

Tears filled his eyes as he gazed up at her face.


Gwen's eyes widened and she instinctively took a step back as he tried to reach for her arm.

No, Gwen, you're not her. You have Justin. Why are you crying?

Gwen was battling the voices inside her head as she gazed at his helpless face and an outstretched arm as if he wanted to embrace her in his arms.

I'm not the one he loves...I'm just someone who looks like her...

Someone who he needed to protect, not by his own will...

Someone he protected to make the one he loved happy...

Was it because I started to feel concerned about him? Why did I feel so defeated? He's not the one I loved...but why do I feel betrayed?

Thoughts swirled endlessly inside Gwen's head as she took the pillows away again and ran out of the room, closing the door gently behind her before she came crashing on her knees. Hot tears flowed down her cheeks, and the deafening silence of the house reminded her of that loneliness that once plagued her heart...

In the war, Gwen couldn't save Justin. Sheila did. The strong and brave woman that she was; and everything Gwen couldn't be.

Gwen's heart swayed back and forth, and she was caught between the brothers. But now that Sheila was here, Gwen felt really useless. Sheila was far more trained than Gwen was—there was no way that Gwen could possibly be able to protect those whom she cared for, and even more so from Laurelai. They were a formidable group, and even Gwen's traumatising ex-boyfriend was a part of them, apart from her Dad.

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