8 : Under the same roof ❇

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[A/N: I wrote this right after watching the Greatest Showman, and I was really hit hard in the feels so here goes. I added the URL in so you can get into the mood while reading this, or if you've never heard this song before. IT'S SO GOOD OH MY GOD ❤️😍]

Gwen couldn't sleep much the night before, and she blamed it on all the confusion that those two brothers gave her

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Gwen couldn't sleep much the night before, and she blamed it on all the confusion that those two brothers gave her.

Afterall, she couldn't be sure who was behind the screen for the past half a year, but to some extent, after being with Justin on raids for almost two consecutive years, she could tell the subtle differences in behaviour between Kei and Justin.

She got out of bed and it was still a little dark outside. The road that led toward the house was lit by streetlamps, and she slipped on a jacket since the weather was rather chilly.

Gwen decided to take an early morning walk around the compound since it was so huge.

It was about 6 am, and the sun hadn't begun to rise yet. It was still dark, and the cool breeze brushed against her skin. The cobblestone pathway was lined with crisp, dried up leaves that rustled as Gwen stepped on them. The luscious peaches that hung on the branches were ripe and whitish-pink, and Gwen couldn't help but admire the fact that Justin was such an all-rounder who could even take care of gardening. Games, studies, cooking, gardening; this man was definitely a God in his previous life or something.

She hadn't been able to take walks like these at this hour, nor been able to appreciate nature like this. Usually, at 6, she'd be nestled under the duvet in her room at home, and probably dreaming about Justin or something stupid.

The smell of peaches and apples penetrated her nostrils as she sauntered across the front lawn. It'd be good if they had mango trees, though, Gwen thought. She loved mangoes, and she wouldn't hesitate to climb trees just to pluck those juicy fruits.

It was pretty quiet, and Gwen wondered where those chickens went.

She noticed a small chicken coop near the entrance, and there were a couple of eggs inside, supposedly the source of the eggs Justin used to cook her omelette dinner several days ago.

"You're unusually early..." a familiar voice called from behind, "could you help me collect the eggs from the box?"

Justin was carrying a small basket with 4 compartments. Inside each were different fruits and vegetables, and the last empty compartment was for the eggs which the chickens laid.

"Okay." Gwen picked up the eggs and handed them to him.

Justin picked up her hand and they walked back to the house together. "So uh. Wanna help me make breakfast?" He said awkwardly as they reached the kitchen. The post-mortem of yesterday's episode was kicking in, and both of them became so tense with each other another again. "Sure." Gwen nodded slightly.

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