2 : Meeting at last✳

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"You're inviting her over for dinner? And you're sure it's her, right?" Kyungii's brother raised a brow

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"You're inviting her over for dinner? And you're sure it's her, right?" Kyungii's brother raised a brow.

"Yea, she dates guys so I'm supposing it's a she," Kyungii replied as he made some omelettes.

"Boy, I hope she turns out to be a hot chick...She'll never know that we took turns to play on that account, won't she?"

"I still feel bad about that, you know, and the one who had the courage to ask her over was you, not me." Kyungii sighed.

"We'll have a lot of fun tonight, I can guarantee you that," he smirked. "We already know her inside out, what could possibly go wrong?"

But Kyungii did have feelings for her. Yet his brother seemed as though he wanted to toy with Elfleda after stealing Kyungii's account to talk to her.

"Do you actually know who she is?" Kyungii turned off the gas and placed the omelettes in three plates. "Like, what if she turns out to be someone from our school?"

Kyungii's brother sighed heavily and nudged his shoulder. "Look. It doesn't mean that every girl you meet online has to live in Ontario and go to the same school as us, idiot." He chuckled. "And even if she is from our school, I've got a pretty rough idea who she might be..."

Kyungii really wanted to meet Elfleda. Elfie was someone he spent most of his nights with until Kyungii's brother started to use his account as well to send her all those weird texts.

He wasn't ready to face her, though. He always felt lonely until he could meet her online every night. He was a reserved guy at school and didn't ever talk to people. He could consider himself an introvert, but he was largely anti-social because he never liked mingling in groups.

And if she turned out to be Elfleda, he would definitely go berserk tonight. He wouldn't hold back on the fact that he was already deeply in love with her because she was so strong, unique, and the only listening ear that he had: every night, they'd go on missions together and occasionally participate in sniping competitions between gangs.

In their gang, Seige, she was probably the closest female player to him and the only person he liked to go raiding with.

Each time their leader, Kaomos, gave them instructions to fight, steal, kill, or deposit goods for a bounty, they'd obey and carry out the task themselves without help from anyone else.

After all, he trusted that Elfleda was by far one of the strongest players that there was in Eregor. Her sniping precision was flawless and her shots were clean. Never once did she fail to get the job done. She was probably the only person who stuck to him most of the time when they were in Eregor, simply because the rest couldn't really align to his way of carrying things out since he had a more passive approach than most of the gang.

Between missions, as they rode back to the gang hideout on hoverbikes, they would always talk about life, and he began to know of how she was raised singlehandedly by an abusive father, as well as how she was most of the time, lonely, if she wasn't gaming by his side in Eregor.

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