11 : His Return❇️

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[A/N: There's a couple of strong language in this chapter. Remember, Gwen really hates Irvine for messing up her life when they were together three years ago, so it's understandable she harbours this much hatred for him.]

Song: Glowing in the Dark - The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

Song: Glowing in the Dark - The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

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"That look on your face turns me on, sweetpea." A vicious grin whipped across Irvine's face. "You're as gullible as you were when I met you."

"You vituperative bastard..." Gwen gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the gun. Kei had never seen Gwen look so angry before, even when she beat up guys in school.

"I've yet to finish our drama from three years ago, darling. And if I were you, I'd drop the gun right now..."

Just who the hell was this dickhead who showed up outta nowhere and was speaking Gwen like this? Fury sprung forth in Kei's veins and he was enraged.

"Kei. It's her ex...That asshole." Justin whispered over the communicator to Kei.

"Are you fucking kidding me—?" Kei eyes widened as he whispered back. Good Lord. Everyone's associated with the mafia.

"Kaomos," Irvine began, "I didn't expect you to be such an imbecile to be lured right into our trap, you know?" He chuckled. "You're a man I've always admired for being the head of Seige, but we know who you are..."

"You filthy jackass. Playing with Gwen like she's your puppet, and then now what? The mafia boss of Rustic? You pathetic piece of thrash." Kei hurled a couple of pejoratives and spat at him.

"So did this bitch finally seduce you then?" Irvine convulsed with laughter as he circled around Gwen, playing with her sleek long hair. "You're acting so smug."

Before Kei could react, Gwen walked up to him and gave him one tight slap in the face.

"Shut the fuck up, motherfucker."

Now that's the Gwen I know. And this Irvine was someone I hadn't done my research on. If he was a formidable opponent, this wasn't going to be as much of a piece of cake as I had imagined it to be. Kei thought to himself.

Irvine touched his cheek as white-hot pain shot through him. "We could've been allies, Gwen..." an evil smirk crawled across his lips. "But you decided otherwise..." Irvine lifted up his sleeve, and the tattoo of Laurelai appeared.

Sweet mother of Jesus. The whole Laurelai gang was here?

Kei was panicking inside, and his heart throbbing inside his throat.

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