Spooky Furry Bois

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Credit to ManjorDanger for this chapter.

Tony squealed out and started throwing things at an animal that stood up like a human? Was it Bigfoot?

Another one came from behind a door and made it's way to Tony.

Tony started screaming like a little girl. Now there were two bigfoots and he didn't know what to do.

One of the things screeched. The head was snatched by sister bigfoot.

Sister bigfoot took off her head too.

The two fur human like creatures revealed Peter and Shuri.

The two teenagers started laughing at Tony's reaction.

Tony's face went from pale to a furious redish color. He stood up and chased the two children around the building.


"Okay, so I have this thing-" Shuri said

Peter was already putting the fursuit on. "Lets go scare Mr. Stark".

"Oh my gosh, yes" Shuri replied.

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