Baby New Science Bros

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Tony and Bucky exchanged looks.

Tony went and smack Loki on the face to wake him up.

Loki woke up an mouthed "What the heck?"

"Loki. What did you do to the kids?" Bucky whispered.

The two kids woke up to see Loki awake. They then looked around to see Tony and Bucky staring at them.

The two children smiled and clinged onto Loki not wanting to leave.

"Did you put them in a love curse as well?" Tony asked furiously.

"Tony. Try to calm down. Please." Stephen said while entering the room.

Peter saw Stephen and put his arms up wanting to get picked up. "Uncwel Stephwen!" Peter said happily.

Stephen ran to Peter picking him up and tossing him into the air.

"Stephen!!" Tony nearly yelled.

"It's okay Mr. Stark!" Peter said trying to calm the man down.

"No it's not! Peter you have no idea what's going on!" Tony said louder.

Peter flinched and covered his ears. His eyes watering.

"Pete. I-I am so sorry." Tony said now calm.

Peter clinged onto Stephen tightly while looking at Tony. Then his grip got loose.

"It's okay" Peter said.

"Fre sh a vac a doo" Shuri said.

"Y-Yeah!" Peter said.

Stephen just cradled Peter.

"Uncwel Lokiii" Peter whined.

Loki gave Bucky to Shuri and took Peter.

Loki held Peter close.

~This is about to get so much cuter~

Bucky held Shuri bridal style and cradled her. Shuri reached for Bucky's metal arm.

Bucky slowly let Shuri play with his arm.

Shuri wrapped her arms around his one arm and cuddled against his chest and arm. Even though the arm was cold she still cuddled with it.

Bucky giggled at the small girl in his arm. He held Shuri close and started tickling her with his metal arm.

"Daaaaaddy!" Peter demanded.

Tony quickly took Peter out of Loki's arms. He then sat down beside Stephen.

Peter sat on Tony's left knee and sat on Stephen's right knee.

Peter smiled. "I love you guys" Peter said.

Everyone replied with the same thing.

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