Baby New Science Bros

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Loki did something no one really knew he could and would do. He turned Peter and Shuri into babies. This is Part one but I couldn't put that as the title of the chapter. Time to go see how they were turned into babies.


"Hey Peter, Shuri! Come over here I want to try something!" Called out Loki.

The two teenagers ran up to the god.

"What would you like to try Mr. Loki?" Asked Shuri.

"Are you going to McDonalds? You've never been before!" Peter said.

"As much as I would love to go. We are not going to McDonalds. I was actually thinking on trying a spell on you guys." Loki said with a grin.

"Okay" The two teenagers said in sync. They were both excited. Yet they didn't know what was about to happen.

"SHAZAM!" The two teenagers are now both five year olds.

They all looked at each other. Loki was smiling. Loki was so happy because this is all he wanted.

Peter and Shuri looked up at Loki. They looked up to see the adopted god crying and smiling. They couldn't help but smile.

The two five year olds started clapping. Loki picked them both up and put his forehead against theirs.

"Hello" Loki said looking into both of their eyes smiling the most he can.

The two of the children hugged Loki tightly and he returned the offer but not tightly.

Loki kissed both of their foreheads and sat down on the couch with them both sharing Loki as a bed.

All three of them fell asleep with them using each other's body heat.

Then Tony and Bucky walked in.

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