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It was a normal night at the Avengers building.

Then there was a scream, followed by a few other screams. The screams all joined together.

There Scott, Peter, Stephen, Bucky, and Clint all covered with blankets on their heads.

The five males all taking turns playing Five Nights At Freddys. Yeah so what if it was 2:00 AM and they were screaming like eight year old girls.

Actually no. Peter was screaming like a nine year old girl. The other males screamed like eight year old girls.

It was Bucky's turn. After a few hours on the second night he was greeted with a brown bear.

The bear jumped towards the screen. Clint falls out of his chair and knocks over his coffee. Stephen screams and levitates the coffee. Bucky, Peter, and Scott are screaming.

Scott popped his knuckles and started to play his turn. He tried to shut the door but it was too late. They were all jump scared by an animal. Scott realizes that he almost passed that night.

After a few more of everyone's turns there was a knock on the actual door.

They all looked at the door. Nothing happened. They heard another knock but from the closet door.

They all froze and watched the closet door slowly open to reveal darkness.

A bear furry jumps out of the closet making all the males scream.


The furry took their head off to reveal a laughing Shuri.

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