Loki, Bucky, & Coffee

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Loki jumped into the chair and watched Bucky bring two mugs of coffee over to the table.

"So" Loki started.

"Yeah, they did" Bucky said.

"Let me ask again. So your goats jumped on Steve after he tripped over a rock?" Loki asked.

"Yeah. It was funny though. He tried to communicate with them but more just jumped on him. They then started to do some cheerleader crap" Bucky stated.

Loki snorts "Did they stand on each other?"

"Yeah, the one on the top stood on their back legs. When the got off of Steve he immediately got up" Bucky smiled.

"Oh my gosh, that's amazing" said Loki.

"Mr. Barnes and Mr. Loki? Is that you guys?" A familiar female voice asked.

The two men turned around to see Shuri and Peter.

"Oh hey guys, coffee?" Bucky asked.

The two teenagers ordered and sat with the grown men.

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