Uncle Loki & Uncle Strange

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Peter: Mr. Loki?

Loki: Yeah?

~Spooky Pooky life to oofky~

Peter ran up to Loki giving him a tight hug. "Hey bud" Loki said while giving Peter a tighter hug.

"Uncle Loki? I-I mean Mr. Loki?" Peter said. His face filled with regret and his face went from pale to a red.

"It's okay. I like Uncle Loki." Loki replied with a soft tone in his voice.

Peter realized that Loki was smiling the most he has ever seen. So Peter smiled back.

"Sooooooo" Peter started

"DOGGO HOUSE!" Stephen yelled.

"UNCLE STRAAANGE!" Peter yelled jumping and clinging on to Stephen.

Stephen hugged Peter gently. "Hey Kiddo" Stephen replied trying to beat Loki's smile.

Peter ended up beating both of the grown men with the smiling.

Loki used his magic to help carry the stuff for the dog house while also using his hands to carry. Stephen was busy carrying Peter that he couldn't help Loki.

~Skipidy Skapidy your time skip has arrivedy~

"Peter could you toss me the paint brush?" Stephen asked not knowing what was about to happen.

"yEEEET" Peter yelled while throwing the ruler.

Stephen caught the ruler without looking up to Peter. "I said paint brush"

"Don't be in a big time rush" Peter said.

"Please hand me the paint brush" Stephen said.

Peter acted like we was about to hand the brush over. Stephen reached out for it and Peter pulled his arm back so Stephen couldn't get the brush.

Peter then waved it around and yelled "I GOT THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE!"

Stephen grabbed Peter and took the brush. He then dumped the brush into blue paint and swiping it on the teenager's face.

Peter heard Loki laughing. He opened his eyes to see Stephen on the ground rolling around.

Peter dipped his hand in a black paint bucket. He curled his hand to get a lot on his hand. He then threw the paint onto Stephen.

Little did they know. FRIDAY was recording them.

Both of the males stopped and started working on the dog house.

The dog house was big enough to sleep in. It was blue on the outside with a big sign that read "Jefferson" on it. The roof was a dark blue.

Inside of the house was red, yellow, and white. There was a picture of Peter, Tony, and Jefferson in there. It was a small photo attached to the wall but it was still there.

The three males were proud and was about to start on something else.

Then Peter saw that Tony was watching them through the window.

Thor luckily got Tony's attention away from the window.

Peter looked at the two men with a worried and a relieved expression.

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